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Which Vehicle Do You Prefer?

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  • Inadequate


  • gts.


  • PhillBellic


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Popular Posts

Do you realise this topic regards to VC ones or you've just mistaken the board? But even if it'd be in, I guess still Cheetah.   Trashmaster or Barracks OL?

Did you read the rules?   Mesa Grande or Cuban Hermes?

Skimmer. Sand king or Hot Ring Racer?

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Ballas King

I prefer the Cheetah to all of them. (lnfernus is fast but really damage prone, stallion is durable but slow, etc)  In terms of speed and durability combined Cheetah is a much better choice than any of them.

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Evil empire
2 hours ago, Bryce Montrose said:

PCJ 600, PCJ 600 sound was very amazing

Did you read the rules?


Mesa Grande or Cuban Hermes?

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Ballas King
4 hours ago, Inadequate said:

Mr Whoopee.


Deluxo or Comet?

Deluxo (has a feeling of royalty, really makes me feel like a rich and powerful businessman in VC, even though its very damage prone)....


Trashmaster or Coach ?


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Ballas King
57 minutes ago, THEGTAGUY4 said:

Maverick. It was so satisfying to fly!


Buritto or Gang Burrito?



Gang Burrito (felt really cool in my early days, would always steal one from prawn island and save in my garage whenever I started a new game)


Romero Hearse or Patriot ?


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Ballas King
On 12/18/2018 at 8:03 AM, Pauloso said:



Cabbie or Kaufman Cabs?

Kaufman Cabs. (Simply because I own them at Kaufman Cabs in Little Haiti, my favorite asset, also best location for my Verceitte gang to take on Haitians and do 3 of my most fav missions in the whole game. )


Maverick or Skimmer ?

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