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Which Vehicle Do You Prefer?

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Do you realise this topic regards to VC ones or you've just mistaken the board? But even if it'd be in, I guess still Cheetah.   Trashmaster or Barracks OL?

Did you read the rules?   Mesa Grande or Cuban Hermes?

Skimmer. Sand king or Hot Ring Racer?

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Here's a little game that I've came up with. It is just like the Or/Or game, which can be seen in the Gen Chat section. You choose 2 vehicles and ask "Vehicle 1 or Vehicle 2", and the next person will choose which one they prefer, and then they will choose 2 vehicles. Anyways, here's an example of how the game goes:


Person 1: Comet or Infernus?

Person 2: Infernus. Banshee or Stallion?

Person 3: Banshee. Sandking or BF Injection?


...and so on. You get the idea. Now, come on, let's go!


Bobcat or Rancher?

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Rancher. Ultimate off-road performance among common vehicles because of its soft suspension. The bobcat looks solid, but its actual performance is only average.


PCJ-600 or Angel?

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Sabre Turbo. It's smooth acceleration and soft suspesion suits driving with the keyboard well. The Delorean is a good car, but not as pleasurable to drive because it requires constant application of acceleration, as all sports cars. The Sabre also has a better engine sound.


Stinger or Comet?

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Well, maybe I like Sabre Turbo a bit more, even though Deluxo is one of the

coolest vehicles in game (Delorean DMC-12 FTW) and it has an okay handling and all,

but overall, I think that Sabre Turbo wins this one. Like the engine sound a lot

plus it has nice handling and top speed.


The Romero's Hearse or the (unique) Black Voodoo?

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