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GTA3 BETA Copycat

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Hello,I'm Script and this is my first mod after many years.

Now,you're probably thinking:

"Oh my god,another gta 3 beta mod".

Yes,you're right,but this time it is different:

The other mods are really cool but they dont feel like the actual beta,because they mix both stuff from early betas and the one from a few months before the game relase. I'm not saying they're bad,They're very cool but it's not what i'm looking for:

I'm Looking for something that feels and looks like the actual beta,So i decided to make it myself:

This is a copycat mod: I'm trying to make it like the actual beta,no speculation,no rumors or stuff like that: Only what we saw.

BUT It's not over: The game seem to have changed ALOT During development,so that's why i'm making Phases: Every phase will be different: Every phase goes earlier into development,so if someone wants it to be slightly different,they can,but at the same time,if someone wants the game to look like early beta,they still can! smile.gif


Enough with talking,let's get into the mod:


Here's the phases:

Phase 1:Pre 9/11: This phase is probably almost the same from the actual game that would have been if 9/11 would have not happened

Phase 2: Mid 2001: In this phase phase i will try to make the game similar to the short gameplay Videos Rockstar Relased in Mid 2001 and the E3 Videos around the internet. (


Phase 3: Early 2001: in this phase i will try to make the game be very similar to the first trailer (This one:


There might also be a Phase 4,but i'm not sure about that.





-Beta Blue Police car And Enforcer

-PS2 Particles (Some Particles are slightly Different)


(This Phase is the only one that will have only few changes.)

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mbchgUAb2ws&feature=youtu.be

Screenshot: http://s22.postimg.org/r22rh6zeo/gta3_2013...23_40_30_26.jpg

Download Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/it9rzlbae623cyq/Phase%201.rar

Please Stay tuned for Phase 2,Things will get exciting!!!

Edited by Script_

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