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Audio Stopping


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Hey, Remember a topic I made here ages ago about my car radio stopping and a bunch of other audio problems?


Well, I finally get the game working again on Steam through Nvidia control panel, in 3d setting I added it to the list and changed preferred refresh rate to application-controlled.


Anyway everything is fine, audio is fine as far as I knew. No problems except that a couple minutes into the game, the radio just switches off again. I've been into the music folder and tried changing the format of the music files but it seems to only like wav files.


Is anybody able to help? All but this one problem was resolved before, just wondering if in that time anyone has figured anything out. The version of the game I was using before was the Rockstar downloads...which appears to the same version that Steam uses because as soon as I played the game I heard the miss-matched audio in cars and one of the car radios on foot. But luckily I had my corrected music folder with the names swapped around and all that was put back to normal....except the audio stopping.

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This fault may be due to incompatibility of windows version that you are using because GTA is designed for windows 98 or 95 as I remember. Sometimes current computer performance is too much for very old game. It may cause some errors. There may be graphic errors and sound problems as well. sad.gif

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It could be a sound card driver issue. Sometimes you need to disable audio hardware acceleration for compatibility with old games or use better drivers.

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