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arch stanton

An old folk once told me

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arch stanton

Clappers of laughter and applaud

Sand dunes burn and hill tops call

With no growth or equal matter

Forgive him son

For he is just a mad hatter


Sentimental value is rather faint

But what moves between the trees

Can not call or solve what's to be gone

And the chimes that jingle on the old ranch's awning


It's none of their fault and it takes them there

For we be the next of them

And the next to care


Opinions are dead and the right just sit

Not laughing, nor booing

Just there and that's it


They applaud to dull and cherish them dearly

Knowing that their own knowledge only blossoms

Because of their missing-ness


So be it here and for now to see

That the world itself may return to what was

And what will be

Which sails for on ever and can be on the watch

Then the lights of the city

Can finally stop and return to total prosperity


An old folk once told me

Do not take the path I give you

But choose the bunch of flowers that fluster




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Nice one. icon14.gif You've gotten better length-wise, I see.

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arch stanton

Thanks. I did try to extend the lines a tad longer.

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I am absolutely horrible at deriving meanings from poems. I just can't do it very well. But in terms of sound, the poem flows very well. A lot of the lines end in words that sort of rhyme but don't exactly and I think that has a really nice effect, whether it was intentional or not. I'm sure there's some reason for the last line, feel free to fill me in, but it's kinda interesting how the word 'flusters' just completely ends the flow that has developed. It's like there's this poem, that I get sucked into in a sense, and I get used to the nice, comfortable flow, and then at the end I'm hit with 'flusters'. Perhaps this is to draw my attention to this line? I don't really know, but I like the poem. Wish it got some more attention, but that's just how WD is I guess. Nice work.


Edit: I like this line especially 'Can not call or solve what's to be gone'. Again, I can't really place my finger on why, but when you put those words together it makes a good line.

Edited by Zugzwang

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