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Trying to fund a full studio album

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Here's a link to my GoFundMe campaign >> GoFundMe Campaign: Full Studio Hip Hop Album << I am trying to raise $800 to fund an 8-10 song hip hop album. I'm a very good lyricist and like to write verses that are as clever as can be. I've been writing and freestyling since I was 12. My influences are 80's & 90's rappers such as 2pac, Dr.Dre, Snoop, Bone thugs n harmony, Run Dmc, Eazy E, Nas etc.. I feel like most of the modern hip hop music on the radio these days isn't very good and I wish we could have more old school influenced rappers nowadays. I believe that I can make a really good album that will be easy to listen to from the first song to the last one. I don't wanna put out crap tracks. I feel like everyone deserves to have their 15 minutes of fame and I hope that I can get enough support to make that happen. I'm not trying to get famous or rich, I just wanna make a good album and have at least one person tell me they love the music I make, then I will feel accomplished smile.gif. So click the link and check it out please smile.gif. I have a song on there that I recorded in 2011 and even though the chorus is mediocre my verses are really awesome. If I can get 800 people to believe in my lyrical ability and donate $1 each, I'll be able to make the album happen smile.gif. Anyone who donates will receive a digital copy of the album as soon as it is complete! So please help if you can or at least share the link with your friends smile.gif. It is greatly appreciated. I'm sure most of you spend $1 a day on a candy bar, a arizona drink, a pack of gum etc.. so why not help someone make their dream come true with that $1 instead? tounge.gif God bless.

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Sorry buddy, no advertising.

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