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Vic 2.0

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I noticed we didn't have a thread devoted to the rampages (that I could find using the search anyway). Why the heck not!? They are probably the most annoying missions in the game, aside from maybe the offroad missions. Or is it our fear of them that makes us not want to talk about them? tounge.gif


Well it's time to face our fears! I thought I'd post some tricks for a few rampages that gave me trouble. I'm sure there are many other ideas out there floating around. Feel free to post your own advice!




the rampage found right in the heart of Mafia territory (behind Toni's restaurant).


Probably not too difficult before killing Salvatore. But it's damn near impossible after that. However, there's one trick (not a cheat) I used and I walked away with the completed rampage, 91 armor, and 100 health. The only caveat is that it does require a bulletproof vehicle, preferably the Patriot you get from completing Ray's "Marked Man" mission, but you should note that there's a chance it will disappear depending on where you park it.*


Simply put, drive from the rampage starting point to the grassy area right behind Capital Autos/Easy Credit Autos (same place, different names). That's the area in between the car dealership and the Mafia territory you just left. Get a decent distance away from the road before exiting your vehicle and turning back. Now jog cautiously toward the road and watch for them to start spawning. It will still take some skill, of course, but you'll find that you can handle them much easier than you would anyplace else (that's close enough to drive to without running out of time). They'll continue to spawn and run at you so there's no need to leave this area.


*My vehicle disappeared on me once when I parked it past the easternmost corner of Capital Autos, the one furthest away from the road.




the one in the alley behind the church in Staunton. You can enter it from the northwest corner of the block.


This one may not be very clever, but I found it helpful so I figured I'd include it. If you're having trouble keeping the Yardies at a safe distance while you proceed to blow them to smithereens, try hopping into a fast car after starting the rampage and relocating. You can try any location you like, but my preference is the multistory car park in Newport. From the proper distance inside, you can blast Yardies rather safely til your heart's content and they'll keep respawning across the street. icon14.gif


And finally,


the one in the southwest corner of Belleville Park... where you have to destroy 8 vehicles... with a shotgun...


This one used to be just about my least favorite; now it's one of my faves!


Load your Staunton garage with six to eight vehicles and return after starting the rampage to blow them all up and you'll come to understand why wink.gif It's especially helpful that if the door closes after some have exploded, you can just blow them up again!


Might want to make sure you have a health or armor pickup before trying it though. If you get too close (because you kinda have to be to keep the door open), it will come pretty close to ending you. Don't ask how I know blush.gif


ETA: MODS, I just realized which forum I was posting this in. If you feel it'd be better in "Cheats & Tricks" or the general GTA 3 subforum, feel free to move it!

Edited by Vic 2.0
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Thank you so much! I'll have to try these tricks out later. I'm really having trouble with the rampages. Any more tips you can provide would be great!

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I wish there was such a reliable solution to the shotgun rampage against the Triads on Portland. I guess the secret is to be good at fast pivoting on your feet to nail the Triad applying his baseball bat from behind. On the other hand, ironic since Shoreside Vale is the site of the toughest driving missions, the absolute easiest rampage in the game is the one by the airport, just hop in your bulletproof Patriot and run over Columbians. This is the first thing I do after driving my good buddy Ray to the airport, great fun and very satisfying.

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I wish there was such a reliable solution to the shotgun rampage against the Triads on Portland.

I seem to remember ending up in the park before succeeding on that one, but I couldn't tell you how (or even if) it actually helped me though, sorry.

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