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Breaking Bad & GTA V

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breaking bad, dexter and walking dead are so overrated its not even funny. compared to shows like Oz, The Wire, Sopranos, the shield. its NOTHING!!!

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I'm sure there was more mentioned about the show in other interviews as well. So I don't see the hate towards Breaking Bad fans when it was mentioned. If it wasn't mentioned at all then I could understand.

Yea.. It was mentioned when one of the Housers (Dan i think) clearly said "I dont watch any of those shows" when asked about influences from Tv shows such as BB... he said if he did watch them it would ruin his story telling/writing.


I guess part of the statement was thrown out there so that when Tv show creators try taking them to court.. they can just produce that in the evidence...


I think there will be one small reference/nod to BB.. but a lot of noobs will claim that anything remotely drug...desert... or RV related will be a reference tounge.gif


"OMG a dude in the desert... near an RV... 100% BB egg!11!!"

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Although if they ever really want to use an epic So Cal television drama, "The Shield" is where it's at.



cookie.gif x1000!


I wonder if any of these BB fanboys have even HEARD of "The Shield".

Oh shut up, of course I watched the shield, it was briliant, got a bit slow in the middle but the money train heist of season 2 was just amazing and that end scene of vic just looking at the cash, I also watch sons of anarchy and follow kurts twitter, he's one of yhe few tv writts out thre not afraid to give his opinion on something, and guess whay, he praised breaking bad to and commended vince on his writing. Did you know about that?


Edit, typing on a touch screen sucks.

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