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proofed sentinel ( intensive care )


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Hey, at the mision intensive care ( if im right ). u need pickup guys at hospital they not there u need check the 3 ambulances, when u got the right ambulance ( with the guy in the back ) u will get chased by 2 sentinel cars. They got out to shoot me i kill them and steal car by recruit anyone trick, this might be possible legit by shoot guy out car ( thru front window ) and hope door stays open. Hope this aint already known. I checked proofs fast, its collision proof, bullet proof and explosion proof.Couldnt test melee cuz i blow it up by accident with flamethrower ( aint fire proof ). Are there people try get vehicles with cheats or evry1 wants them w/o cheats ? Cuz i guess u can steal 80% of unique vehicles by recruit anyone trick. Im prolly talk old stuff.

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Are you sure it has those proofings and it's not scripted to get a larger health from certain damage? When did you get the Sentinels, I mean at what point did you get them?

It has been talked about before by the way, but no one has prooven their proofings as flags yet.

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Ye u right man, i checked again and u need 3 full clips of M4 to make the car smoke. That was when failed mision, maybe on mision its proofed ( dont know if possible ). Just seemed it was proofed first time i tried but that was when mission still active. And u can get sentinel legit by shoot driver but pretty useless for regular sentinel.

Edited by Aintgottime2bleed
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Sorry I've just checked it no specialties, no flags attached to the sentinels, but they do have a larger immunity to damage but its eventually takes damage. Look finding another vehicle that it's not on the "Official" Unofficial System Error Guide Updates is almost impossible as OrionSR made asearch on the games scripts to see what proofing flags are given to what vehicles during the gameplay every other vehicle is most probably given some kind of health enhancement.

One advice next time instead of creting a new topic discuss it on the topic above.

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Lol just edited while u posted, ye i checked that topic and didnt saw proofed sentinel so i kinda put it to fast ( w/o 100% testing ). My bad

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As fnxrak posted, there are no unknown proofed vehicles in the game by now. However, you can still try to discover methods to obtain some of them, such as Lievathan in Up up and away.

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Hey no biggie we all make the same mistake sooner or later, you won't believe what I have tried to get some vehicles that later I found out they were not even proofed, for example I spent hrs and hrs trying to figure out how to get the Michelle's "she drives dates cars" and in the end someone told me it wasn't proofed, or even the Picador in "Ryder" and "Catalyst" , or the waltons in "Don Peyote". But man keep trying sometimes you don't get what you want but sometimes you get strange things that may blow your mind wink.gif

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Ye might be nice to see which vehicles seems impossible 2 get or very hard, i forgot like all bout SA, but my only question are cheats allowed or people only looking for legit way to obtain them? cuz with cheats it aint that hard i think. If im right u can land helicopters inside vehicles ( PS3 version ) by fly above vehicle then drop on it ( or just be4 when 5 feet above ) then bail out. Your helicopter mostly inside the car now, re-enter helicopter and might send vehicle fly or some. Problem is the car or helicopter explode by collision damage i guess. So u need a proofed helicopter if thats possible. Dont know if work maybe with mods or some ppl can check fast if helicopter pushes car away or flip it.

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To make this topic maybe a lil usefull, i got an evrything proof maverick ( no cheats needed ). I couldnt see it at the unique vehicle topic thing. Its on the mision missaproparation ( i spelled wrong ) where u need kill Guy and get evidence but there 2 proofed mavericks and 1 of them always open. This new? Ill explain how if its new.

Edited by Aintgottime2bleed
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  • 2 weeks later...

Might the Sentinel that Rosenberg, Maccer & Kent Paul drive away in (Saint Marks Bistro) be proofed, I wonder? Time & time again, I fail to obtain it to verify.

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Yes I believe so although like you never tried since it needs cheats for now to get it!!!! But check the system errors guide on unique vehicles I think he mention it and also OrionSR in the list of proofed vehicles.

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Clarification: It can often be quite difficult to determine which vehicles are getting the immunities applied during complicated missions like Just Business, Reuniting the Families, or End of the Line. So it might be possible to find a proofed vehicle that's not on that list. If the mission in question doesn't list any immune vehicles then some other method is being used to make that special vehicle tougher than usual.


Methods of collecting vehicles that require cheat are great; they occasionally lead to new methods that aren't dependent on the cheat. IMO, there's a hierarchy for successful methods: can pass mission > failure required > death or arrest > cheats > CLEO or trainers.


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  • 3 weeks later...

I activated the destroy all cars cheat (botched swiping attempt) during Saint Marks Bistro; it resulted in CJ freezing in place while perpetually initiating the arm moving animation, with Maccer walking away. Therefore, I needed to reset the game.


The only proofed Sentinels I'm (so far) aware of is those of

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I activated the destroy all cars cheat (botched swiping attempt) during Saint Marks Bistro; it resulted in CJ freezing in place while perpetually initiating the arm moving animation, with Maccer walking away.


You need to spawn jetpack after you do this (it will "unstuck" CJ). This should work. But considering that getting proofed Sentinel during The Green Sabre is relatively easy even without cheats, I would get this one.

BTW there is also proofed Sentinel in Running Dog mission, however it's unobtainable at least without cheats. <more details here>

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