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[Pack]The Hunter and the Hunted

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This is my first one, so please tell me if I did something wrong!


In this Mission Series, you will be the new officer James Philips, a hater of crime and skillful with weapons, or the Mafia gangster Ray Luccino, very known in Liberty City, but a nobody in San Andreas. Some missions will be played as James and other ones as Ray. Maybe their stories may cross!


James Philips: A begginer cop, he hates crime and he will do whatever he has to do to stop it, with the help of his partner George.

George Hudson:A veteran cop, he's the partner of James. They both befriended when they met, and they help each other. They make a dangerous duo.

Ray Luccino:A gangster from a Mafia of Liberty City. He was very known in Liberty, but in San Andreas he will have to make a reputation. He's very experienced in crime, and he won't hesitate in killing anyone who gets in his way.

Marco Escalata:The son of the Mafia boss in Los Santos, Franco Escalata. He'll help Ray to adapt to San Andreas.

Franco Escalata:Mob boss of Los Santos, he's the father of Marco. Most of the members didn't see him in person, as he sends Marco to do the stuff, even the recruiting.

Here's a screen of the first mission:


user posted image


I still don't know how long will it be.

Missions made by now:

Green: Complete Orange: In Progress Red: Not Started

CHAPTER 1: The Cop and the Gangster[/size]

The Hunter- Complete

Teaching the newbies- Complete

Police work- Complete

The Hunted- Complete

Beach Drive- Complete

Cop Attack- Complete]

This is War- Complete

Gain your badge- Complete (NEED DRIVEBY MOD FOR THIS ONE)

And more, but first i'm going to end these.

Now i uploaded it in GTAgarage, but there are only 3 missions right now. More soon.

Bye! cool.gif


No one will approve it? a lot of days have passed and it doesn't aprrove.

Edited by TenienteDraza

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