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Vic 2.0

What is the best way to get to/from Shoreside Vale

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Lethal Vaccine

I read it wrong, he says the EV Crane and not the Junkyard Crusher Crane. I'm not sure how to do that. Only way would be a Hooker (However they won't get into Emergency Vehicles) or a Car Thief (They won't get into Emergency Vehicles either). I'd imagine you would need to do the Taxi Glitch and use the Rhino Tank to get a Taxi Passenger inside to perform the Glitch, similar to the Crusher...Only that the EV Crane will just make it a Ghost and NOT add DP property...

Edited by MetalMilitia89

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well also the problem with that as well is the fact that their is too much space in that spot around the ev crane

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Lethal Vaccine

You actually don't NEED to block the door in order to perform the Glitch. Using the Car Thieves (As that is the ONLY way possible to make DP Vehicles in III Mobile Version in free roam since Taxi Glitch doesn't work), you can make Ghost/DP Vehicles. You have the magnet ready to come down and pick up the Vehicle as the Thief gets into it and you yank him out at the right moment. Vehicle will drop and the Vehicle is now a Ghost. I've done this on III Mobile, but like Nukey Shay has said, it's not easy and can take many tries. It's less time consuming with the Taxi Glitch, though, unlike the Car Thieves. You need them to spawn, first of all, and then slowly drive while they follow your Vehicle to the Crusher and then get the timing right. It's a pain in the ass, but has to be done in the Mobile Versions of III since no Taxi Glitch is there anymore.

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ok I thought you had to block the door


as far as the kuruma its actually easiest to do it durning give me liberty because misty will get in the car when you push the button.

Edited by crashoverride93

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Lethal Vaccine

Yeah, I used Misty during Luigi's Girls to make the Kuruma DP and then took it to SSV early in my Mobile Save. Before I knew about using the Thieves as a way to do it while NOT on a Mission, I used Mission Scripted Passengers. Any Passenger that gets in the front seat of the Vehicle can be used to make a Ghost/DP Vehicle.

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give me liberty is the only one that you can still pass the mission while doing it.


any other mission makes you get out of the car.

Edited by crashoverride93

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Lethal Vaccine

Well, I've passed all the Missions in my Mobile Save while making a DP Vehicle using the Passenger, so...


They get out, sure, but the moment you press the "get back into a Vehicle" button, the Passenger gets in and you can yank them out quickly. All my Vehicles in my Mobile Save were converted to DP using Mission Scripted Passengers, except 3 of them, and those were the 3 EC Sports Cars from Grand Theft Auto. For these, I used the Car Thieves after 100% since no Mission Passengers are present after 100%, obviously. I used Missions like Kanbu Bust Out, Rumble, etc, etc...

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just do it bob1

Search up how to make a ghost car in GTA 3. This will allow you to clip through the Portland tunnel and the Staunton island tunnel to Shoreside Vale, giving you access to Shoreside Vale later or early on in the game legitimately without using cheats ex. flying cars cheat (CHITTYCHITTYBB)

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