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DC Cinematic Universe (Batman, Supes, Aquaman, and more)


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And what else...Lex Luthor is indeed Bryan Cranston... Just been anounced. He just isnt Lex Luthor...his bald persona is already the main character of Breaking Bad. Now they are just making a film that includes just famous faces to make money IMO.

Edited by Sup3rman
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@ Sup3rman: Especially considering Supes and Luthor are supposed to be around the same age, aye? But I agree with Yennick - Cranston's a great choice.


Anyhow, a reply to niko in the other thread - OF COURSE he's gotta have a strong chin. No, I'm not and obviously wasn't saying that's all Batman needs, but Bana's nipple-sized chin looks like it nuzzles up against more lambchops than it chews through.

Edited by Otter
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God damn Affleck. You know the problem with Ben Affleck, right? He's always Ben Affleck. He's Ben Affleck dressed as Daredevil, Ben Affleck in Dogma dressed as an angel, Ben Affleck in Jersey Girl. And now he's Ben Affleck in a Batman suit. He's just not convincing in anything. He has that kind of face. Jeremy Renner has the same problem IMO.


Ben Affleck is a great director, but not a very good actor. Although, he is good friends with Kevin Smith who is a huge Batman fan, so he could get some help with the character from him. If that's any consolation. Maybe it's another problem.

Edited by GTAvanja
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That said, I think Affleck takes a lot of undue sh*t. He was f*cking great in Argo, and The Town. He's come into his own.

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People want to talk sh*t. They want to hate everything about Man of Steel, and this new movie. Ben Affleck is low hanging fruit for haters. Hell, he hasn't made a movie with Matt Damon in over a decade, yet people are making bad jokes about Damon being Robin.


It all doesn't matter anyway. This is just movie. The real Batman will always exist in comics.

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Yeah, I posted that on the last page. I'm glad I'm not one of the people that overreacts at these types of things. I get to be smug about it now.



Maybe I was more wary of Ledger than I thought (though I know as time went on, I realized he would be a good choice), this this topic has more people reacting similar to the Affleck announcement... http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtop...&hl=dark+knight


Here's the big Dark Knight topic, for sh*ts and giggles... http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtop...k%20knight&st=0 I go through that topic, and am amazed at people I've known on this website for years to be pretty level headed logical people, who absolutely hated the idea that Ledger was the Joker.

Edited by darthYENIK
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On the subject of Affleck being Batman, wasn't sure what to think at first. Didn't know if I liked it at first. But the more I think about it, I'm starting to warm up to the idea. I for one liked Daredevil, and thought he did a good job. I think that if DC/WB is going to go in a different direction from the Bale/Nolan movies, then they do need actor that has a different style than Bale. I also think that Affleck has a much better head on his shoulders than he did in the early 2000s, perfect for the seasoned Batman they've been looking for. I'll tell ya, he'll kill it!


Also isn't he like, 6' 4" or something? Pretty sure he'll be able to put on some serious bulk for this role.

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I don't like the idea of Affleck being Batman.

I can already see his serious batman face, and he just looks constipated.

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Wow, internet is always full of whining kids eh.

I'll just wait until the movie came out and then judged it.

AND if Affleck does a good job on portraying Batman, i'll be sure to laugh at you hater's face.

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I remember being really excited about Val Kilmer being Batman, because I was (and still am) a huge fan of Tombstone, and Kilmer's Doc Holiday in particular. He wasn't too bad, but he wasn't that good, either.


EDIT: when I first saw Ocean's Eleven, I thought, "Wow, Clooney's playing Danny Ocean the same as he played Batman."

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It's from Christopher Nolans production company right?

Wy didn't he just carry Blake over, that really would have worked.



But I think Nolan is single handedly trying to bring the comic world down to its knees.


So many bad points in Rises, and now this.


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They should find a guy with the biggest stone jaw and cast him as batman, Done and done.

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If they do end up making a Justice League movie, for the love of God, please make the Green Lantern black!!!

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Latest from the rumor mill: Cranston could be on for as many as 10 films. Eggs/hatch situation, maybe?

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If they do end up making a Justice League movie, for the love of God, please make the Green Lantern black!!!

You mean have the Green Lantern in the Movie be John Stuart?


As for Luthor. I think he's not going to be a full on villain. At first he's just going to be more of a political opponent to Superman. He's going to be a character that will use the outrage toward Superman after the destruction of Metropolis in MOS to further his business. The people, and probably the audience even, will sympathize with him. And eventually Superman will come in and defeat another villain (possibly linked to Luthor), saving Metropolis and fully gaining the trust of the people. This will dishonor Luthor. He'll start developing an actual hate for Superman, and eventually he'll go full on villain in his quest to kill Superman.

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This says that Bryan Cranston as Lex Luthor is just a rumor. confused.gif



Also my two cents on it. As much as I would like for Bryan Cranston to play Lex Luthor, I can't help but feel that if he was, we would all always see him as Walter White and not Lex Luthor. Although he is a such a great actor that he could really pull it off. I mean, just look at the differences in his role as Hal on Malcome in the Middle, and Walter White in Breaking Bad. I swear it's like it's two different people!


One more thing, I love that they chose Ben Affleck as Batman! I think he's good actor and I feel like he could pull it off. Give him a chance guys. wink.gif

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