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Episodes From Avalon:The Diamond Prime Alliance

Recommended Posts



user posted image



As you have probably noticed, this is still being edited but please feel free to comment and give some feedback on the missions




icon14.gif Thanks to Antagonista for the headers and logo icon14.gif

icon14.gif Thanks to TonyZimmzy for inspiration icon14.gif

icon14.gif Thanks to Ziggy for advice icon14.gif


>If you're just here for the missions, click here<

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user posted image


reserved for info about the characters and where they hangout etc.

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user posted image


Most vehicles support radio stations which means that when Ben enters a vehicle, the radio plays just like it would in real life. There are loads of radio stations to choose from that feature a wide range of genres and artists. You can easily switch the radio stations with the touch of a button. The music will play continuously without interruptions. Once the whole track-list of a radio station has played, it will restart from the beginning of that radio station's track-list in an infinite loop. Once Ben leaves the vehicle he is in, the music will stop and continue from where about in the track in was once he returns to a vehicle (be it the previous vehicle or any other).


The radio stations are:



* 99.9 Zombie FM


* 101.6 Anarchy FM


* 105.5 Sweat FM


* 103.4 Crib FM


* 107.3 Lighters FM


* 98.8 Blazin' FM


* 102.9 Power FM





99.9 Zombie FM



Zombie Intro & Rage Valley - Knife Party

f*cking Die 1 - Skrillex

I Can't Stop - Flux Pavillion

Death By Robot – Feed Me

Kill Everybody - Skrillex

Bonfire – Knife Party

Pump It Up - Zomboy

Kyoto - Skrillex

EDM Death Machine – Knife Party

Blow The Roof - Flux Pavillion


101.6 Anarchy FM





London Calling - The Clash

Come On Eileen - Dexys Midnight Runners

Hotel California – Eagles

We Built This City – Starship

Negative Thinking – Deathset

Whole Lotta Love - Led Zeplinn

Back In Black – AC/DC

Black Betty - Ram Jam

Rock The Casbah - The Clash





105.5 Sweat FM




Molly - Cedric Gervais

Decisions - Borgore feat. Miley Cyrus

Rattle - Bingo Players

Fade Into Darkness – Avicii

Pursuit Of Happiness - Steve Aoki

Toulouse - Nicky Romero

Antidote - Swedish House Mafia vs. Knife Party

Harlem Shake – Baauer

Million Voices - Otto Knows

I Could Be The One - Avicii and Nicky Romero

D.A.N.C.E – Justice




103.4 Crib FM




Avalon – Professor Green

Still D.R.E - Dr Dre

Live Your Life – T.I

Like Toy Soldiers – Eminem

Ghetto Gospel – 2Pac

Beautiful – Eminem

All Of The Lights - Kanye West

A Milli - Lil Wayne

A$$ - Big Sean ft. Nicki Minaj

Take Care - Drake ft. Rihanna

Kiss Me Thru The Phone - Soulja Boy Tell'em





107.3 Lighters FM





It Must Have Been Love – Roxette

Nothing's Gonna Stop Us – Starship

Here I Go Again – Whitesnake

Free Bird - Lynyrd Skynyrd

The Passenger - Iggy Pop

Don't Stand So Close - The Police

I Want To Break Free – Queen




98.8 Blazin' FM





Three Little Birds - Bob Marley

Bad Boys - Inner Circle

Pass The Dutchie - Musical Youth

Beautiful Girls - Sean Kingston

One Love - Bob Marley

Falling In Love With You – UB40

Electric Avenue - Eddy Grant

It Wasn't Me – Shaggy

I Can See Clearly Now - Johnny Nash




102.9 Power FM





21 Guns - Green Day

Buddy Holly – Weezer

Teenage Dirtbag – Wheatus

My Sharona - The Knack

The Middle - Jimmy Eat World

Stacy's Mom - Foundations Of Wayne

All The Small Things - Blink-182

That's Why They Call It A Union - Less Than Jake

Welcome To The Black Parade - My Chemical Romance

Edited by Vice President

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user posted image




Ben begins his journey to kill the notorious criminal Nick, resulting in the hate of his colleague and the ambush of a city monorail. Despite this, Ben continues to make his way to Soul Tower, in anyway way possible.




Ben finally reaches Nick's office where they have a fist fight until Kayne walks in with a gun. Both Ben and Nick are happy that Kayne is there to help them until they find out that Kayne isn't helping anyone as he has used them both to gain power and control of the state. Kayne and the guards from Soul Tower try to kill Ben and Nick. Luckily, Ben and Nick escape via a smashed window. Ben opens his parachute and continues to hold Nick who is ultimately surprised that Ben had saved him. They continue to float over Torent City, eventually landing in Traxas City's infamous trailer park "Greystone Trailer Park"


White Trash Party:


Ben and Nick in Traxas City's infamous trailer park "Greystone Trailer Park". They meet up with Nick's old trailer trash friend, Buck Bill. Ben and Nick are introduced to Buck's wife, Chrissie-may. Buck tells Ben and Nick that he has work for them. They agree to work as long as they get a place to stay. Buck gives them the keys to a trailer for them to use as a safehouse. Nick and Ben go to the safehouse which is full of hooded criminals that Ben has to fight or kill.


Edited by Vice President

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[start of CutScene]


Ben is stood on the pavement of a crowded street, he is wearing a pair of blue denim jeans and a yellow jacket complete with black sneakers. Printed on the back of the Jacket is 'TCPD' in blue text below a drawing of an eagle smoking a cigar. Around him are neon-lit skyscrapers. He is in the Neon District of Torrent City, an area known for it's international businesses and high-tech appearance.


Ben glances at down at the phablet in his left hand. The phablet's touchscreen flashes and reads 'Justin'. Ben casually taps it and raises it to his left ear.


Ben: Hear the news?


Justin (O.S): News? Don't tell me you've done something stupid again!


Ben: I'm gonna kill Nick.


Justin (O.S): What?! That wasn't the plan!


Ben moves the phablet away from his ear slightly and smiles.


Ben: I'm not sitting here while the city crumbles to gang violence.


Justin: There isn't enough evidence! The most he'll get is ten years in Strangerow Prison!


Ben: Prison's no longer an option. I'm meeting Kayne in Soul Tower some help. We're invading. Nick will be gone in the next hour, along with his personal army.


Justin: You've lost the plot!


Ben: Like I had one to begin with?


Justin: No! Stop! Be-


Ben takes the phablet away from his ear and taps the touchscreen. 'Call ended' appears on the touchscreen. Ben smirks as people push past him. He glares straight down the road where a yellow skyscraper is situated miles away, it is one of the highest buildings in the United States of Avalon.


Ben: Prepare yourself Nick, I'm coming for you!


Ben looks directly across the busy, taxi-filled road to a two-story metallic building with a monorail track coming out of the left side of the top floor and looping around the neon district. He shoves his phone in his jeans pocket.


[start of Gameplay]


You will now take control of Ben for the first time.


Objective: Board The Monorail


You'll have to weave between the traffic to cross the road, once you reach the monorail station, step inside and up the stairs. At the top of the stairs will be the platform where the monorail arrives and departs. Stand up there with the small crowd of people and wait a few seconds until the monorail arrives. You'll have to enter the monorail once it has arrived and the door has opened.


[start of Cutscene]


Ben walks between through the monorail to the back row where he sits down and puts his feet across the rest of the back row so nobody can sit near him. The monorail starts up and departs the station, quickly zooming along it's rail around the Neon District. Ben looks to see all of the seats in the monorail are full but there is a middle-aged woman and a young boy still standing up. The woman and child walk to the back row and stare at Ben (who is taking up a row of seats for himself).


Child: M-m-mister Policeman... can I sit down p-p-please?


Ben ignores the child and begins to glance out of the window where he has a view of most of Torent City.


Woman: Excuse me, my son is asking you a question!


Ben: f*ck...off!


The passengers of the monorail all turn to look at Ben who has made the child cry.


Ben: Kid, I'm sorry. I'm having a busy day trying to protect this city and I need to relax.


Ben moves over so that the woman and child can sit down next to him.


Woman: Thanks, dickhead.


Ben rolls his eyes as the monorail shakes violently. The passengers scream as one of the hooks that hold the monorail snap and it is being held on by only two more. The monorail is tilted backwards so that the passengers bags are sliding towards Ben. He quickly moves out of the way and stands up. He notices that bullets are hitting the bulletproof windows of the monorail. Ben runs over to the door and yanks it open. Bullets fly past him as he takes out a pistol. The bullets are coming from a gunner in a helicopter that is following the monorail. All of the passengers get down onto the floor of the monorail to avoid the bullets.


[start of Gameplay]


Now, you take control of Ben again for your first gunfight.


Objective: Kill The Gunner


You have to kill the gunner before he destroys the monorail. A bar will appear on the top of the screen that displays the monorails damage. You have to keep shooting at the gunner until he dies.


[start of Cutscene]


The gunner falls out of the helicopter after being shot to death. Ben looks at the passengers.


Ben: Right, it looks like we're fine now. We just have to wait until the monorail sto-


The helicopter flies into the monorail, breaking another of the hooks. The monorail tilts even more, almost at a 90 degree angle. The passengers cry while Ben stares at the helicopter which is trying to fly away.


[start of Gameplay]


Ben diverts his attention to the landing skids of the helicopter which is a few meters away.


Objective: Jump onto the helicopter.


You must jump out of the monorail and grasp onto the landing skids of the helicopter as it is flying away. Once you are on, pull yourself up and sneak inside the cabin without the pilot seeing you.


[start of Cutscene]


The helicopter is flying up to the roof of Soul Tower, the screen fades to black...


Mission Complete!




Conatct - Justin Mallard

Contact - Kayne Sheen



Mission - Downfall - Ben

Edited by Vice President

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[start of Cutscene]


The screen fades back in to show Ben crawling out of the helicopter which has now landed on the quite small rooftop of the Soul Tower. The rooftop consists of only an helipad and a set of stairs that venture down into the tower. The pilot is stood looking over the barriers that surround the rooftop, staring at the view of everything below. Ben moves into a crouching position and moves towards the pilot that is a few meters away.


[start of Gameplay]


Once again, you are controling Ben. The pilot isn't aware of you, try your best to keep it that way until you reach him.


Objective: Interogate The Pilot


You must continue to silently move to the pilot until you finally reach him and have to get him in a rear naked choke (sleeper hold).


Ben: Where's Nick?


Pilot: I'm not telling you!


Ben: One more time or I'll make this tighter.


Pilot: f*ck you pig!


Ben: Right, you asked for it.


You must rip the pilot's mask off to reveal his spotty face and continue to apply more pressure to the choke.


Ben: Gonna tell me now?


The pilot chokes and waves his hands around as his eyes slowly start to shut. Ben lets go of the pilot's throat. The pilot is lay on the floor coughing.


[start of Cutscene]


The pilot sits up and looks at Ben.


Pilot: I'm not afraid of violence!


Ben: What are you afraid of then? Spiders? Ghosts? Falling?


Ben grabs the pilot and leans him over the barrier.


Pilot: Whoa! Stop! Please! He's on the sixty-nineth floor! Please don't drop me!


[start of Gameplay]


You can now choose whether to drop or save the pilot. Dropping him gives you 20BXP (Bad Experience Points) but saving him gets you 20GXP (Good Experience Points). Anyway, after that you must make your way to the stairs and go down to Nick's office.


Objective: Reach Nick's Office


As you descend into the building going down multiple sets of stairs, the place seems empty and abandoned. Finally you get to a door which reads 69th Floor. Go through the door into the corridor. The corridor consists of only two doors which are meters apart, one of the doors being Nick's office, the other being the stairs that you just entered from.


[start of Cutscene]


Ben takes his phone out, taps on the screen and holds it to his left ear.


Ben: Kayne? Where are you?


Kayne: I'm making my way up to Nick's offi-


Screaming can be heard down the phone.


Ben: Kayne, are you ok?


Kayne: Yeah, that wasn't me screaming.


Kayne can be heard laughing,


Ben: I'll go in and take down some guards.


Kayne: Sure, I'll be up in a minute.


Ben takes the phone away from his ear, taps the screen and puts it back in his pocket. He walks to Nick's office door and kicks it open. Nick is sitting with his feet on his desk, smoking a cigar and wearing a black tanktop and black jeans. He takes his black aviators off and glares at Ben.


Nick: Want something?


Ben: You, dead!


Nick stands up and walks to Ben who tries to take the pistol out of his pocket. Nick smacks the pistol and it slides across the floor.


Nick: How about we settle this now, huh?


[start of Gameplay]


You must now start a fist fight with Nick.


Objective: Defeat Nick


A health bar for Nick appears, you must fight him until it runs out. You can weaken him with normal techniques such as punches and kicks or advanced techniques such as throwing or slamming him into his desk or the huge window behind it. After his health bar runs out, he will be on the floor, in pain.


[start of Cutscene]


Ben walks over to Nick on the floor.


Ben: Wanna die yet?


Nick: No!


Ben: Well, it's either that or ten years in prison. For what you did to innocent civilians, you had better keep hold of the soap. Most prisoners want you dead.


Kayne is stood in the doorway holding a machine gun and wearing his signature red suit.


Nick: About time, this guy's trying to kill me!


Ben: What?!


Nick: Don't you get it? Kayne works with me!


Kayne: Sort of.


Ben: What the f*ck!? Justin's gonna have you fired!


Kayne: Justin's in on it too. Me and Justin have used both of you.


Nick: But not me, eh?


Kayne: Yeah you too. We had you claim the city for us and we had Ben take you down so we finally run this place.


Nick: I'm done. I'm so f*cking done.


Ben: I can't f*cking believe this!


Kayne: You don't have to, you'll both be dead in a few seconds.


Ben grabs Nick who has passed out and jumps over Nick's desk to take cover as Kayne begins to shoot them both. None of them get hit by bullets, just the window behind them that gets smashed. Ben tosses the statue from Nick's desk at Kayne, it hits him in the head. Kayne holds his head while hundreds of guards enter the room.


Ben: sh*t!


Ben takes his jacket off to reveal a parachute bagpack under it. He grabs Nick and stands up.


Kayne: Get him!


Ben: f*ck this sh*t, I'm out.


Ben jumps out of the window whist gripping Nick with one arm and pulling the string on the parachute with the other. The parachute comes out, Ben and Nick glide over Torent City towards Traxas City. Nick opens his eyes.


Nick: You saved me?


Ben: I know you're not such a bad guy after all. You were just caught up in Kayne's games.


Nick: This isn't some sort of joke is it? You won't drop me will you?


Ben: No. You'll want revenge for what Kayne and Justin did to you, just like I do. Two minds are better than one.


Nick: I can help, I know how to get power, I've had it. We can stop the corrupt cops and sort Avalon out. When I had the city in my control, well, Kayne's control, I got contacts. Trustworthy contacts, maybe we can earn a bit of money and get started back up.


Ben: I hate to say this, but, it's a deal.


Nick: The Prime Family, or what's left of us, never break promises for nobody, and this is a promise. Just don't beat me up again.


Ben: I'm sorry about that. I guess I'll have to make a Diamond Family promise then.


Ben and Nick laugh while they glide over the sea between Torent City and Glow County of Traxas City.


Nick: So here it starts, The Diamond Prime Alliance.


Ben: I'd drink to that.


Nick: You didn't tell me your name.


Ben: Benjamin Polizii Diamond.


Nick: Polizii? That's Italian isn't it?


Ben: Yeah, my parents were from there.


Nick: Same here!


Ben: Nice, let's focus on where to land though.


Nick: Try to land in the Greystone Trailer Park, there's a guy there. Real redneck, goes by the name of Buck Bill. Despite his appearance and attitude, he's got a lot of money and owns the whole trailer park. He could be useful.


The screen fades to black...


Mission Complete




Contact - Nick Prime



Mission - White Trash Party - Nick

Edited by Vice President

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Nice, when are the new missions coming up?

Edited by aritrabose

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Thanks. smile.gif New mission and radio section should be up by tomorrow

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Thanks. smile.gif New mission and radio section should be up by tomorrow

It's the day after tomorrow sad.gif n' still no missions, sad


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Sorry, I'm having to do a lot of editing as I thought up a new story arc to include. When you see the new part of the story you won't believe your.eyes ( thats a hint/teaser biggrin.gif ) New mission will 100% be here by Tuesday.

Edited by Vice President

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White Trash Party



[start of Cutscene]


The screen fades back in to show Ben and Nick landing on a trailer roof. Ben lets go of Nick and detaches the parachute which is pulling along behind him. Nick and Ben jump off the roof and look around. There are a few trees and dozens of trailers. In the distance, Mt. Glow can be seen with its surrounding clear rivers and crystal caverns.

Ben: The view is wonderful here.

One of the trailers looks different to the others, it has a flagpole and a flag attached to it. Nick walks over to it and knocks on the door, Ben silently follows. A middle aged man opens the rusty metal door, he has a blond mullet and is wearing a set of red overalls.


Nick: Buck?


Buck: Nicky, never thought I'd see you this low again. What happened?


Nick: Betrayal!


Buck: Well ain't that some crap.


Buck looks at Ben


Buck: And what'd you go by?


Ben: Ben or Benjamin or whatever.


Buck laughs and points his head inside his trailer.


Buck: Chrissie-may! Get your ass out here!


An overweight woman around the same age as Buck comes to the door. She has long, dirty blond hair and is wearing a plaid blouse and tight denim shorts that her flab desperatly tries to escape.


Buck: This here's my wife. Chrissie-may Springsteen Bill. She works down at the Heartbreak Bar in the happy part of Glow County.


Nick: It's not happy here anymore?


Chrissie-may: Hell nah, them tourists coming here and callin' us "white trash" and "hillbilly" 'n' "redneck". Can't go out in our own trailer park without being insulted or attacked by them richies.


Ben: (laughing) Rich people stay in this dump?


Buck grabs a shotgun off his kitchen counter and aims it at Ben's head.


Nick: Whoa! Ben was just messing, wasn't you!?


Ben: Meh.


Buck throws the shotgun back inside.


Buck: (pointing at Ben) Ever say them kinda words round my neck o' the woods again 'n' you better find y'self a grave.


Nick: Don't worry, he won't.


Buck: I ain't gon' be the one worryin'.


Ben: So, got any work?


Buck: Hell, I got tons.


Nick: Alright, we'll sort them out if you can give us a place to stay.


Buck: Trailer one-three-one, my mama lived there before she left f' the high life.


Chrissie-may: Traitor bitch!


Buck passes a set of keys to Nick.


Buck: Come back later on 'n' some work'll be waitin' for ya'.


[start of Gameplay]


Walk to the trailer, it's not far. Nick will follow you.


Objective: Find The Safehouse


When you get to the trailer, some guys wearing hoodies outside will attempt to attack you. Nick will move back and let you fight them.


Objective: Fight Or Kill Them


You must now either fight with them until they are all knocked out or kill them with the pistol. Fighting will give you 20 GXP (Good Expericence Points) but killing them will give you 20BXP (Bad Experience Points).


Objective: Enter The Safehouse


Walk inside the trailer to continue.


[start of Cutscene]


Inside the trailer is just basice furniture like a couch, a bed, a toiler and a tiny kitchen.


Nick: Before you call it, I'm sleeping on the bed.


Ben rolls his eyes as Nick jumps onto the bed.


Ben: So what's next then?


Nick: I guess we just have to work with the trailer park crew to get a bit of money coming in so we can get closer to Ibarazi City.


Ben: Why Ibarazi City?


Nick: If we're going to even attempt to sort Avalon State out, we need power. Like I've said before, I know people. All that we need to worry about is getting to them. Ibarazi City has the most popular nightlife in the world, it's properties and businesses owned by very rich men that would pay good money to have their problems solved.


Ben: It seems to be all about money with you!


Nick: Power basically consists of strength, money and connections. Money buys luxuries.


Ben: But money can't buy hapiness.


Nick: Would a yacht make you happy?


Ben: Seeing my family would make me happy but I doubt it's safe to do that anytime soon.


Nick: You're missing the point, money might not be able to buy hapiness but it can buy things that will make you happy.


Ben: Yeah well somethings are priceless.


Nick: I know all about priceless.


Nick takes his aviators out of his pocket and puts them on.


Ben: They're sunglasses, how are they priceless!?


Nick: One day, you'll find out. But until then, let's focus back on our goal. The business owners of Ibarazi City will respect us and having that kind of respect can help, especially with the mafia ties that they have.


Ben: Whoa there, we're not getting involved with no mafia.


Nick: We'll do what we have to do! We both want the same thing, maybe for different reasons.


Ben: I want revenge and I want my hometown back how it was.


Nick: Yeah well I want control and I want to use it wisely, not how the cops made me use it, for evil and their own corrupt benefits. Most of all, I want money.


Ben: Control? Just make sure you use it for good! I don't wanna have to kill you, I kinda like you now.


Ben and Nick start to laugh as the screen fades to black and the mission is over.


When the screen fades back, freeroam will be activated as it now is after most missions.



Mission Complete






Safehouse - Trailer 131, Glow County, Traxas City

Mission - Home Decor - Nick

Mission - No Country For Young Men - Buck

Contact - Buck Bill

Contact - Chrissie-May Springsteen Bill

Ability - Save game progress

Ability- Sleep for six hours

Ability - Explore Greystone Trailer Park

Edited by Vice President

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The screen will fade back and you will have free-roam control of Ben, you are stood outside. You can only explore the trailer park as the gates are locked. You can choose to make your way to either of your missions or go back to your trailer and chill out for a bit. If you want to do Buck's mission then you have to go back to his trailer which is marked with a silver "B" logo on the minimap and knock on the door. If you want to do Nick's mission then you have to talk to him outside your trailer/safehouse where he is trying to repair an old rusty car, it will be marked on the minimap as a gold "N" logo. If you choose to go back to safehouse/trailer just to relax, you just have to walk inside. When inside the trailer, you can: save your progress or sleep. Later on in the story, you will unlock more things to do inside the trailer but for now, its just them two actions. You might aswell walk to Nick as he is like a meter away from the safehouse.


Home Decor


[start of CutScene]


Nick is trying to fix the rusty car, Ben goes over to him.


Ben: Need some help?


Nick: I'm fine.


Ben: Maybe taking them sunglasses off might help.


Nick looks at Ben, sickened.


Nick: How about no.


Ben: Damn, you must of woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.


Nick: For one, it's against a wall. For two, you wouldn't know, you have to sleep on a couch.


Ben begins to walk away.


Ben: Shout me back when you're off your period!


Nick: Sorry man, I can't sleep properly.


Ben starts to walk back.


Ben: Is it because of worrying.


Nick: Sort of, imagine what Kayne and Justin found us. They have to be after us.


Ben: It's impossible for them to find us.


Nick: It's really not!


Nick smacks the dashboard of the car and it starts.


Nick: Whoa!


Nick smiles at his achievement.


Nick: You wanna know how they can find you?


Ben: Yeah, obviously.


Ben walks over to Nick.


Nick: Pass me your phone.


Ben: Phablet!


Nick: Same thing.


Ben takes his phablet and hands it to Nick.


Nick: Do you understand what GPS is?


Ben: No.....


Nick: It allows your device to find you in the world.


Ben: But how?


Nick: I think it's something to do with sattelites, normal devices have it. But your "phablet...your "phablet" has something special inside. I thought that you might kill me so I had to track you, Kayne and Justin have access to the tracker.


Ben: Is that how you ambushed the monorail? Because you knew I was on it?


Nick: Exactly, well that and because Justin told me.


Ben: How do I stop this thing?


Nick slams the phablet into the dashboard and it smashes into pieces. Nick pulls a flashing green metal chip out of the phablet.


Ben: f*ck! MY PHABLET!


Nick: Build a bridge and get over it. Get us some supplies while you're at it. We need some decorations for the trailer, spruce it up a bit.


Ben: Move over, let's get them now.


Nick shuffles into the passenger seat while Ben sits in the drivers seat.


Nick: There's a home improvement store just outside the gates.


Ben: But the gates are closed aren't they.


Nick: Yeah since the "terrorist attack" happened they closed all of the cities and bridges and most places up until the press coverage dies down or they find us.


Ben: The what?


Nick: The cops said we're terrorists and we were trying to detonate Soul Tower. But for now, Buck will sneak us through.


[start of Gameplay]


You have to drive your way to the trailer park exit/entrance. Use this time to get used to the mechanics of driving.


Objective: Drive To The Gates


Once you arrive, Buck will be opening the gates. Wait until they are opened and drive to the home improvement store just about a hundred meters away. When you get there, exit the car and enter the store, Nick will follow.


Objective: Enter The Store


The store is huge but there is a man sat at a desk just through the entrance. You must talk to him.


Objective: Talk To The Employee


A cutscene will begin once you reach him.


[start of Cutscene]


Nick: Can you help us, mate?


Employee: I sure can, what is it you need.


[start of Gameplay]


An ingame menu will appear now filled with things you can buy for the trailer.


Objective: Buy The Furniture


As you have no money, you can only have the ones that "Buck has purchased for you". Select them, they consist of: a radio and deck chair for outside the trailer, another bed that will replace the couch, a drawing board and some paint that will paint the interior of the trailer for you to any colour of your choice but for this playthrough, we will choose gold. Now select confirm. When you have money, you can purchase all kinds of things to improve your safehouse. Exit the menu.


[start of Cutscene]


Ben: And that's trailer one-three-one at the Greystone Trailer Park.


Employee: Fine, they will be delivered and installed to your home by the time you get back.


[start of Gameplay]


You must now exit the store and get in the car, Nick will follow.


Objective: Return To The Safehouse


You need to drive back, as you go to drive into the trailer park, a white van is leaving. Enter the trailer park and drive back to the trailer. Buck will shut the gates.


[start of Cutscene]


Ben and Nick get out of the car to see that their trailer has been done up.


Ben: Finally, my own bed! I'm gonna go get some real sleep. See you later man.


Nick: I'll just chill on this deck chair and listen to some K-Pop shall I?


Ben: Go for it.


Ben enters the trailer as the screen fades to black.


Mission Completed






Mission - Pimp My Ride - Nick

Ability- Purchase safehouse upgrades and decorations

Ability - To Explore Traxas City


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Sorry for the double post but I want you guys to know that I haven't abandoned this as you probably think, I'm just re-writing a load of missions and building them up. Expect a new mission real soon. biggrin.gif

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(So here it is, the fabled mission)


The screen will fade back in and you will be stood inside the trailer safehouse, you can do the activites you would normally do in there or exit. After you've exited, you will have two missions availible, another Nick mission or Buck's mission. Nick's mission is only about two meters away, so we'll do that first. Nick will be sat on the deck chair infront of a campfire next to the trailer wearing his sunglasses. Walk over to him to start the mission.



Pimp My Ride



[start of Cutscene]


Ben sits on the floor next to Nick's chair, Ben looks at the fire.


Ben: Where'd you get all of the wood?


Nick: It's not wood...


Ben: Well, what is it then?


Nick: Stuff out of her trailer...


Nick points to a middle aged woman who is stood out side of her trailer which is covered in gang graffiti, police cars are parked outside of there.


Ben: What the f*ck did you di?


Nick: Oh, it wasn't me. Some thugs came over there earlier and sabotaged the place... she was out so I grabbed all of the smashed stuff and lit it up.


Ben: You're a dick sometimes. This doesn't look good for you...


Nick: It's fine, she's a junkie anyway.


Ben: You're still just as bad of a person for breaking into her house.


Nick: I don't need your lectures, not cool man.


Ben: So, what's todays plan?


Nick: We're getting the wrong kind of attention from the trailer park citizens.


Ben: Why's that?


Nick: The rusty piece of sh*t parked right there.


Nick points to the rusted car that him and Ben fixed in the previous mission.


Ben: Pimpin' it up?


Nick: Exactly! That garage next to the home decor place could fix it up.


Ben: Will Buck let us out again?


Nick: No, he says it's too risky. But....


Ben: What?


Nick: A ramp isn't too far from this place and it can get us out whenever we want.


Ben and Nick enter the car, with Ben in the drivers seat and Nick in the passengers seat.


[start of GamePlay]


Start up the car and start to drive...


Objective: Exit The Trailer Park


You'll have to drive inbetween trailers and along dirt roads, whilst following various beacons, to reach the ramp. When you get close to the ramp, Nick will begin to talk to you.


Nick: Alright, pick up the speed...


Do as Nick says and speed towards the ramp.


Nick: Keep going...


Drive up the ramp until the car is gliding through the air over the trailer park fence and a small river. You can take in the view of the surrounding mountains and waterfalls as the car is in the air for a few seconds before it lands in an empty car park across the river.


Nick: Alright, carry on out of here and get to the garage.


Nick taps the roof of the car with his hand through the window.


Objective: Drive to the garage.


You'll have to drive out of the car park through a set of gates that are open, then you are on the streets of the small town of Glow County once again. Follow the road that you used to get to the home decor store but carry on until you see the garage with a neon sign saying "Petrol Way Motors". Drive into the marker outside.


[start of CutScene]


Nick and Ben get out of the car and enter the building. Inside is a small office which leads to the main part of the garage. Inside the small office is a desk and some seats and a machine. An Italian man, aged around thirty and wearing black overalls appears behind the desk. Nick and Ben take a seat while the Italian man looks up at them.


Italian Man: My name's Marco Tigre. How can I help you?


Ben: Uh, sort our rust bucket out for us.


Marco: Anything in mind? Colour scheme? Decals?


Nick: No idea, just give us what you can.


Marco: How much are you looking to pay?


Ben: We aren't exactly sure.


Nick: I have a few thousand on my old credit card if it hasn't been took out.


Marco: There's an ATM over there.


Marco points to a tall machine in the corner of the room.


Nick walks over and puts the card into the machine. The machines screen reads "Balance: £5000". Nick takes the card out and looks to Marco and Ben who are curious about the balance.


Nick: It's still there! Yes! We've got five k!


Marco: I upgrade this thing to the max. I mean, really upgrade.... spray it orange, spoilers, decals, butterfly doors....


Nick: What the hell!? We don't want butterflies on the doors, what the f*ck! We're not women!


Marco facepalms slowly.


Marco: I mean the door that open upwards, vertically and not outwards.


Nick: Oh, sorry.


Nick looks embarrassed.


Marco: Just give me an hour.


The screen fades to black then fades back in.


Nick and Ben are stood outside the garage, the huge door opens and Marco drives the car out. What used to be a rusty car falling to pieces is now a beautiful orange sports car with vertical doors and a big spoiler on the back. The wheel rims are in the shape of a dollar and are steel. Marco opens the door.


Marco: Wanna see the best feature?


Nick: Totally!


Marco: I know a guy AfterLyf Science, he's been working on a side project. Working on sound. He threw some unique speakers together for me. They're free to a good home.


Marco grins.


Marco: So, let's try them...


Marco twists the dial on the car stereo. The drop from "Ammo by D-Wayne" blasts loudly. The car is bouncing from the sound, like hydraulics. After about 10 seconds, Marco turns the stereo off and looks to Nick and Ben who are absolutely stunned.


Ben: That's so f*cking hardcore!


Marco: Only five thousand for all of this.


Nick gives Marco the credit card as a load of Harley Davidson style motorbikes can be seen in the distance. They are being rode by middle-aged men with bald or short hair and goatees. There are five bikes, in V formation. The two bikers at the back have baseball bats. They get closer and it can be seen the two bikers infront of them have pistols and the front biker has a shotgun.


Marco notices them and drops the credit card in horror.


Marco: sh*t, get in the car!


Nick and Ben get into the car. Marco starts to drive. Nick and Ben are sat in the back seat. Marco and Nick look worried but Ben looks calm.


Marco: I owe these guys big money, I'm sorry for dragging you into this.


Ben: Ah, this sh*t happens to me everyday. It's no biggie.


Ben takes the pistol out of his jeans pocket and opens the sun roof.


Nick: Ben! What are you doing?


Ben: What does it look like?


Marco: Tryin' to get himself killed.


Ben stands on the backseat so the top half of his body is above the car.


[start of Gameplay]


You take control of Ben, the bikers are getting closer and the car is speeding along a highway.


Objective: Stop The Bikers By Shooting Them Or Disabling Their Vehicles


You have to shoot either the bikers or their bike tires. Shooting the bikers will give you 20 bad experience points but shooting the tires will give you 20 good experience points. Doing a mix of both will keep your experience points neutral by adding 20 to good and bad.


The gunfight shouldn't take that long but as you and the bikers are constantly moving, it's hard to get a good shot. They will also be shooting you. The leader of the bikers can't be killed yet so just kill the others. Once only the leader is left, he will get to the side of the car and jump from the bike onto the roof of the car.


[start of Cutscene]


The leader is clinging onto the car and using one of his hands to punch Ben repeatedly in the face. Nick opens his window and leans out, trying to pull the biker off the roof.


Nick: sh*t this isn't working, we need to take extreme measures.


[start of GamePlay]


You will take control of Marco (only until the next cutscene though). You are driving the car down the highway, speeding between other cars.


Objective: Shake The Biker Off The Car


A quite simple objective, just keep driving and make the car sway from side to side. Eventually, the bikers hands will let go.


[start of Cutscene]


The biker lets go of the car and is hurled down onto the highway. He lays on the road for a second or two until a huge truck cruises over him. His skull can be heard cracking and pieces of squished brain and crushed body can be seen once the truck has drove away. Marco speeds off the highway via the exit. He immediately stops and gasps. Ben climbs back into the car and closes the sunroof.


Nick: sh*t!


Nick points at Ben's face which is covered in blood.


Marco: Don't get blood on the seat covers.


Ben: Cheeky c*nt.


Marco: Sorry, I do appreciate your help.


Ben: Atleast you won't have anymore trouble.


Marco: You think? That was only a small group, the Bloodcash MC are global. They'll want revenge.


Ben: f*ck my life,


Marco: Do you know anywhere I can stay? The garage isn't safe anymore.


Nick: Well I sort of emptied our junkie neighbor's trailer. She'll probably have been put in some temporary accommodated somewhere. You can squat in there for a while if you need to.


Ben: Wait, you said someone else robbed it and you just took the destroyed stuff.


Nick: I needed a fire, what could I do.


Ben: You're a dick sometimes.


Marco: So where's this trailer?


Ben: Greystone Trailer Park, the gates should be open now.


Marco: Sounds like a plan.


The screen fades to black.


Mission Complete




Contact - Marco Tigre



Mission - Speed - Marco


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Bloodcash MC. I'm liking that name and everything that it could mean. Ben is getting caught up in a lot of stuff. Keep it up, I'm following. :^:

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Thanks :). I'm doing something really experimental soon, involving this project. About the Bloodcash MC, I really want to tell you about that but I don't want to spoil the story, one thing I can say is it probably won't be anything like you expect it to. :D

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