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Help for a newbie please!

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Hey guys, am new to GTA. I have 3 queries.


1. When does the game auto save? I thought it would be the start of each mission but I am on mission 2 and looking for the loan sharks. On the main menu, the only auto save is from mission 1 ("the cousins bellic". Shouldn't there be a newer auto save that overwrites that one?


2. I have just died and am outside the hospital. No mission info is given after the message about charging me for healthcare. So what do I do now? I assume I have to start the second mission again - do I just make my way back to Roman?


3. Shouldn't there be a journal or at least info on what your current objectives are?


Thanks in advance.

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1. It auto saves when the mission ends but you can save your progress buy going to your safe house and by sleeping in your bed.


2. On the platform I play on which is the 360, when you die or when you mess up the mission you get a text on your phone saying "try again?" and you restart the mission and i think that goes for any other platform as well. There might also be a symbol like a "R" for Roman on your map which you should go to... if non of those help you, going to roman from the start is a good idea.


3. When you go to the game menu (on the 360 it is the start button ">" and on the PC I think it is the "ESC" button) and there you see head lines, if you go to the headline call "brief" which should be the second one, it states all the dialogue from the game which are the current mission objectives.


Hope that helps!

Edited by Atomic_Sam

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How the hell did you die in the 2nd mission? It's not exactly a tough one to complete you just have to drive Roman back to the depot. The loan sharks can hardly keep up.

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Yes I just redid it and wondered how I could have been such a numpty. Just wasn't used to driving.

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Ease up on the accelerator taking corners, these cars are quite wobbly and lean. You will find as you get through the missions and start getting sports cars that they handle much nicer.

Other tips - google search gta iv health and armor maps. Print them out or copy to your pc. Very handy to have when you need them. Health can be found at all the hospitals just walk inside and you will see the green box on the wall. Other than that there are also food vendors but the green health kits are free. Have fun man!

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