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Use Color Palette

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With this tool you can change color and alpha of your car and alpha of your player too.

I used sources of Fastman92 TimeCyc Editor 1.8 for creating color palette. and other of coding was so easy.




Installation and usage method:


1.Download and install Fastman92 TimeCyc Editor 1.8


2.Download and install DK22Pac NewOpcodes.cleo


3.Extract UsePalette.cs from this archive in your GTASA\Cleo folder


4.Run game and enter an car or bike or any other tranport tool.


5.Type "USPALT" as a cheat.


6.Pick your color by palette easily.


7.Change alpha from that needle if you want.


8.Press Tab to accept and hide the palette.


Note #1: You can change alpha of your palyer without enter the car; but if you're in a car that will change automatically.


Note #2: Only tested on CLEO4.


Aqua color

user posted image


Blue color

user posted image


Pink color

user posted image


Yellow color

user posted image


Orange color

user posted image


Alpha = 71

user posted image


Alpha = 0

user posted image


Thank to Fastman92 and DK22Pac for their great tools and mods.


Wait for next versions of Use Pallete.

Edited by MasterHK

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Good work.Well I was also going to upload a similar car color changer using Fastman's Mouse API function but seems like you did it before never mind good work icon14.gif

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That's a good script. It would be enough if you just put all neccessary files as well as palette.txt in archive, so that In-game Timecyc Editor isn't neccessary to download.

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oh... i totally forgotten abou this topic!

thank you for your replies! : )



when who call my mod 'good' that he have mods like Plugin.Dll or InGameTimeCyCeDitor; it's so hard to speak more than it...

but is opcode_003e (that used in my mod) included in MousenPaletteAPI ? it was reason that i offered download whole of your




v1.3 is on the way...

fully .ini configurable.

add ability to change Hud colors.


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