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From the "Beginning" until the "End of the Line"

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user posted image



So it's the "End of the Line", or is it?!?

This is the natural evolution of my previous mastersave and games The GTA San Andreas Mastersave, The Green Sabre Save and The Yay Ka-Boom-Boom Save, but this time with basically "everything" done.


- All possible tasks were completed into 100% progress.

- All possible safe houses bought

- All missions and side-missions completed

- All pickups found and acquired


- All Territories taken Over

- Only 1 car resprayed (mandatory for the mission "Drive-by")


- Progress with Denise at 100% (pimp suit available)

- Progress with Michelle at 100% (racing suit available)

- Progress with Helena at 100% (country clothes available)

- Progress with Katie at 100% (Medic uniform available)

- Progress with Barbara at 100% (Police uniform available)

- Progress with Millie at 100% (Gimp Suit available)

- Two Timming Enabled (jealous girlfriends still show up)


- All Binco, Sub-Urban, Prolaps, Zip, Victim and Didier Sacks Clothes bought


- Driving, Bike, Boat and Flying Schools completed with Gold

- All skills maximized and Ace pilot ranking achieved

- Beffy Baron challenge completed

- Bastketball challenge completed with 40 points

- Beat the Cock challenges completed (Santa Maria and Fisher's Lagoon)

- Top score at all videogames

- All Unique Stunt Jumps Completed


- King of San Andreas criminal rating






Ganton: FI PCJ-600 | FI UC2 Feltzer | UC/UC2 Burrito | FI Greenwood

El Corona: BP/FP Tahoma | *EP/FP Picador | FI UC2 Admiral | "free space"

Santa Maria Beach: *EP/FP Banshee | FI UC Newsvan | *EP/FP BMX (from the beginning) | *EP/FP UC2 Pony with off wheels

Mulholland: *EP/FP Mule | BP Forklift | *EP/FP Seasparrow | BP/FP Voodoo




Dillimore: EP/FP/CP/MP LSPD car | FI HPV-1000 | FI Sanchez | FI Sabre

Palomino Creek: *EP/FP Freeway | FI UC2 Bravura | *EP/FP Tornado | *EP/FP UC2 Voodoo




Doherty: UC Pony | UC2 Manana | *EP/FP UC2 Elegant | FI Glendale

Calton Heights: FI Mothership | FI Tampa | FI Sadler | UC Camper

Paradiso: UC2 Stretch | *EP/FP UC2 Mesa | *EP/FP UC Perennial | FI RC Raider

Hashbury: FP/CP Rumpo | FI Boxville | UC Maverick | FI Merit




Fort Carson: UC2 Bravura | EP UC2 Admiral | FI Infernus | "free space"

Verdant Meadows(garage): UC2 Windsor | *EP/FP Phoenix | FI UC2 Buffalo | UC2 Huntley

Verdant Meadows(hangar): FI Firetruck (laddertruck) | FI Tanker Trailer | UC Packer | BP Tanker




Rockshore West: FI FCR-900 | FI UC2 Admiral | UC BF-Injection | FI Savanna

Prickle Pine: BP/FP/EP/MP Patriot | FI Sentinel | EP/FP/CP/MP Rancher | BP/FP Swat Tank

Whitewood Estates: UC2 Club | FI Camper (regular) | UC Pizzaboy | UC2 Washington

Redlands West: FI UC Vortex | FI UC Vortex | BP UC Walton | UC2 Sultan




LSPD: UC2 Vincent | "free space" | "free space"

SFPD: FI UC Maverick | *EP/FP Rustler | *EP/FP Hydra

LVPD: *EP/FP Police Maverick | *EP/FP News Chopper | *EP/FP Raindance


BP - Bulletproof

EP - Explosionproof

FP - Fireproof

CP - Crashproof

MP - Meeleproof

UC - Unique Color (unique primary color)

UC2 - Unique Color 2 (unique secondary color)

* - Explosion and Fireproof from "Gray Imports" mission

FI - Full Immune (only destructable by flipping or sinking)

(Bulletproof, Fireproof, Explosionproof, Crashproof, Meeleproof, Rhinoproof)


No Cheats, Mods or Trainers were used during the gameplay.

It's still a work in progress since you can always expect more from San Andreas


A glitch was found that prevents you from using the gyms equipement, but it has been minimized see this topic for more info:

Looking for Saves with the Gym Glitch


Note that I was wasted four times to get the FI UC Maverick in the mission "Toreno's Last Flight", a FI regular Camper and FI Mothership in the mission "Black Project", the FI Firetruck(laddertruck) in the mission "End of the Line", but only because for now it's the only way to get these vehicles, but again I commited suicide, I wasn't killed LOL.


Alternative Download

Edited by fnxrak

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Cool work! It must have taken a lot of hard work & patience. icon14.gif Inspired to create such a save of my own.


I am wondering why you didn't make FP/EP NRG-500

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what exactly is unique about the Picador ?


and you got 3 times the admiral ?

Edited by mike962

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Nothing but since I can't get the proofed versions of Ryder's Picador I made a EP/FP version

The Admirals are all different UC2 colors

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small question


I go into the LSPD inpound and no Vincent shows up, any special trick for this inpound or did it vanish from your save ???


and what exactly are this UC2 colors , where are they ?

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You have entered it wrong, although it's normal for me the LSPD impound is the worst to control when entering or exiting.

The photo I took was done after the save so I'm absolutely sure it's there.

The UC2 color are the secondary color of the vehicles but not on all vehicles this secondary color is visible, for example you can see them at the Mesa if it has a rooftop, or in the bullet the secondary color is the colored stripe, but like I said most vehicles don't have this color visible you can only see that through a trainer like gtacenter or through some save editors. They are more of a trophy actually.

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Pilot ranking is Ace?

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Here CJ is a transsexual...daaamn...6 girls..

Edited by Ezekiel

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Pilot ranking is Ace?

yeap!!! I hadn't check that status since there is a couple of glitches that makes it be ace at some point and after to be wedge or captain again and finally ace again and so on and so on!



Who the f*ck is Helena....

You can meet her outside of the Bluberry ammunation at a shooting range

Edited by fnxrak

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Lethal Vaccine

And just like your III Topic, this one also deserves some appreciation. You have the best PC Saves out there! :) I don't do PC, though. Just PS2/3 and iOS.

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I'm sorry for bumping this topic, but if anyone happens to have the save file, it would be very appreciated.


EDIT: I found the save file, here it is

Much appreciation OP! Love your work.

Edited by Pls delete this acc

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