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GTA Online Player Index

Recommended Posts

Captain Revenge

Here: Captain Revenge

PS3: CaptainRevenge

RS SC RevengeModeDelta

GTA Online rank: 160








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I'm active almost every night.


Sneum (GTAF)
Sneum (PSN)
Sneum7400 (S CLUB)
Edited by Sneum
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New to the website not to GTA5


PSN Richkilla188

on when I can I work alot

social club: The Flying Captains


add me if you want to hang out I do have a mic

Edited by Richkilla188
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G Money316777





G Money316777 (GTAF)


???? (PSN)


G Money316777 (XBOX)


Rodimez (S CLUB)



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J_Villasenor (GTAF)
J_Villasenor (PSN)
J_Villasenor (S CLUB)

Edited by J_Villasenor
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GTAF - LogScottWood
Xbox - Log Scott Wood

Social Club - LogScottWood

Add me bitches!

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PSN: VirtualAntics.

R* Social Club: VirtualAntics.


I'm looking for active and friendly players to have fun with/who like to chat. (My female character needs partners in crime to ride with/cause mayhem/and blow up high priority vehicles for the yucks.)


I'm also looking for new recruits for my Flaming Pistol Squad crew. Find us on the Social Club if you're interested!

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  • 3 months later...

If this is classed as a bump, then delete this post. :)

PSN: dotJSP_11

Social Club ID: dotJSP_11

Edited by SergeantSavidge
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  • 1 month later...

wow guess I've been living under a rock. Sorry for the late bump.


GTAF: return-to-innocence



social club: JOEsAGGRESSIVE



wish I had found this sooner... Don't think anybody is adding names now.

*edit* only have GTA V on Xbox though

Edited by return-to-innocence
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looking for some new players that like the custom race seen.

i make and run on alot of custom races and i am looking to team up with some players to run these races with.


ps3 game tag: justin_yer_mouth and fredmffstone

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  • 2 weeks later...

Forum - Lucielaa

PSN - Lucielaa

Social - Lucielaa

Time - UTC-6


*Invitation lobby hang outs

*Public lobby killing spree

*Car meet ups


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  • 9 months later...

Looking for players to help me get money

Xbox GT: Reinaldo110

SC: Cavemaster

Also posting in this thread after it was replaced by the next gen one is just weird

Edited by Reinaldo110
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