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500 Things to do in Grand Theft Auto 2

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157 - Fool's train trip: Wait for a train to depart a station. Lay mines on the track. Quickly travel to the previous station. Jump into the train and wait for your destiny. :p





I tried this and started to think if this is even possible. Trains are always simulated in the map so you must move very fast. The debug keys may help but that's not valid. :p There are multiple routes and you must choose the train which goes the correct one. Also, if another train gets destroyed, it may cause other trains to stop as well (happens in Residential district at least, as the trains wait for others to pass).



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On 5/3/2015 at 7:15 PM, BBBean said:

118: Rig your car with the bomb, start the timer just when a car thief is about to jack it and watch the mayhem.

I tried this but didn't have success. The car thief always ignored my car and targeted another one in the traffic. I even tried in places where there are no other cars nearby, e.g. directly south from the starting area of Residential, but the car thief still didn't want to steal my car.


Does anyone know how the car thief works exactly? Does he ever choose a car which is occupied by the player? I know he can hijack your car, but does that actually happen only when he's already targeting a car and you hijack it before him?


Back to the topic anyway:

158) Hijack an army tank from the traffic

159) Hijack a roadblock tank and pull the red/green guy out 😛

Edited by BBBean

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160) Kill the red/green guy from the roadblock tanks and find out that even after playing for 2 hours his body won't disappear.

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165. Complete the Industrial District by earning money from destroying cars with a Tank.

166. Complete 3 Hard missions(Red Phone Missions) without getting any damage.

167. Enter and Exit the Prison in the Residential District without dying.

168. Get 5 bonuses in 2 minutes.

169. Complete the Entire game in less than 3 hours.

170. Complete The "Final Job" in any of the Districts killing only one Gang Leader ( Let them kill each other )


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117: Get every possible fail for the mission, hot dog homicide!

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