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Do Rockstar Respond To Mouthoff Emails?


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Additions to the second point:


- In regards to the announced recalibration of the "Pegassi Oppressor Mark II", the unlimited explosive ammunition of cannons on the "Jobuilt P-996 Lazer" especially represent another imbalance. Their damage value reportedly is one of the highest in the game. In not also balancing this aspect, a flawed landscape, so to speak, remains, possibly contributing to enable those who decide to harass other players. A similar concern may apply to an immediate restocking of ammunition by sending back to storage and requesting anew a weaponised vehicle, including the "HVY Armored Personnel Carrier" with the missile component installed. And since those who took advantage of the imbalances the "Pegassi Oppressor Mark II" currently exhibits may also have access to the "Sparrow", with its missiles and the new addition of countermeasure options, it could become a new threat to players.
- In regards to the "Pegassi Oppressor Mark II", I may have experienced a preparation for the then hinted at rebalancing. A player, positioning themself in some distance to myself, perhaps in order to further affect their targeting efficiency, which already seems to tend to be inaccurate, on the "Pegassi Oppressor Mark II", firing "regular" missiles without the automatic targeting. This might, in combination with the vehicle's relative agility, also become a threat to players and especially players on foot. There is almost no time to disrupt them, especially if a player does not have advanced or specialised ammunition, perhaps with the "Up-n-Atomizer" offering a slight chance to counter such attacks.
- Also, what determines which targeting speeds, targeting accuracies and reloading speeds of "Homing" missiles are assigned to which weaponised vehicle? Assuming that the "Buckingham Buzzard Attack" helicopter is below average in the mentioned regards, a somewhat believable explanation would be that it is more of a basic vehicle in this regard. Its sporadic targeting inaccuracy could be seen as a result of budget limitations on the part of the manufacturer, probably along with consequences of conditions, such as turbulences above the ground, and perhaps also due to interactions with what is aimed at. The vehicle also seems to establish the possibility of unlimited ammunition. Its lack of additional armouring, which may be understandable in regards to a relatively lightweight aircraft, and countermeasures might also be explained by what was mentioned earlier. However, is it coherent for the "Buckingham Akula" helicopter, for example, to offer additional armouring? Is it coherent for the "Sparrow" helicopter to receive countermeasure options? This is just a gathering of thoughts.
- There are three additional issues which need to be resolved, as they are regularly abused to harass others. The first two are the ability to obtain an invincibility and or an invisibility, one of which in some cases may be obtained by some kinds of interacting with some kinds of player created jobs which were placed within "Penthouse" properties. The other issue seems to be an error caused by thermal vision elements disregarding most walls and other obstructing objects when at a certain distance to a player. Namely the thermal vision goggles of certain helmets and masks and thermal vision scopes.
- The yellow mission triggers of two "Freemode" missions recently have been unreliable. The "Security Contract" missions involving a rescued character and the "Casino Work" missions concluding at or nearby the "Diamond Casino and Resort", usually delivering characters in the provided limousines to the driveway of the main entrance, delivering the backpack of chips to the parking garage entrance and delivering the armoured truck to the entrance at the underpass on the way to the horse racetrack and the horse stables. Interestingly, the issue seems to be dependent on individual player characters. I have not been able to fulfil these deliveries by myself for a few times now, but when associates were present, they were able to complete the deliveries.
- Finally, two questionable aspects are observable in the two previous updates. In "The Lost Contract", part of "Los Santos Tuners", inside of the methamphetamine business, which in itself may be debatable to some, usually one unarmed employee is present alongside the armed motorcycle club member. The facility is ordered to be destroyed while the unarmed, cowering employee remains inside. And in a preparation for one of the "Leaks" of music, part of "The Contract", the mention by "Imani" of "enhanced interrogation techniques", especially in such a sloppy way, is questionable. The game may include mature content, but does the author of said line have no regard for a somewhat recent low point of what is referred to as humanity, namely the abuses at the "Abu Ghraib" prison in Iraq?!

Edited by xaml
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  • 2 months later...

A few words about the pumpkin lanterns.


As Jack Abbott probably will attest to, with a rare gesture of agreement sported by a certain Victor Newman, these vegetables are a wonderful addition from decorative and atmospheric perspectives. And one which I at least will be missing, whether in the city or on the countryside. Although previously having wandered the area surrounding the hill above the city for a house relatively extensively not only provided impressions about what I would assume to be the work of artists but a certain amount of helpful orientation as well. A candle animation reacting to the wind from within a carved out core or at least an inner layer very much would have been welcome. Alongside a more accurate collection animation. They also would need to have been carved out sufficiently and their contents appropriately used and or later washed and used, should pollution so allow.


However, to lock the attemptedly seasonally relevant clothing item reward behind collecting all two hundred specimens within a period of one actual day, all while it was not communicated how a day would be measured, whether it is according to a fixed schedule or depending on when, if any, one or more specimens were collected during the previous day, is questionable. If the collection period would have been set to the whole seasonal event, this probably would not have been an issue. It could have been implemented with the requirement of collecting all of the individual specimens during this timeframe or it could have been implemented in a cumulative manner, where, collecting twenty pumpkin lanterns of choice per day would fulfil the requirement within ten days in this example. And the existing implementation of collecting them within one day could have remained intact as an optional kind of achievement, providing an additional payout.


This would have required respect or at least acknowledgement towards individual tendencies of availabilities and needs of players. It could frankly have been a lack of competence. It could have been overreaching in regards to posing a challenge, as you seem to be aware that through artificial limitations you may influence the needs of some to believe respectively to portray themselves as being above others. Although for some reason I would raise the question of whether this trick more than treat once again harbours a certain grudge against players. In other words, the persons who collectively are providing you with the astronomical funding which your endeavours may be costing – possibly including lavish ways of living for those at what is referred to as the top.


And an issue in other ways it is, too. This existing implementation of time pressure likely will contribute less to an exploration and more to some once again accessing the game files and publishing the locations. In this supposed convenience may also lie a greater issue, namely that a portion of players of this game, which you seem to be perfectly aware of not to be fulfilling, partially by far, the age recommendations, seem to be respectively seem to feel overwhelmed and may be in need of support in regards to tasks such as the hacking instances in other portions of the game. Although absolutely not linked to any inane monetary or career related reasons and also not meant against helping one another, but for the humble aspect of them as persons experiencing challenges in such regards and perhaps being more prone to being taken advantage of, this leaves me, aside from a debatably significant shirtlessness, in pensiveness.

Edited by xaml
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  • 2 weeks later...

And what I forgot to mention is that the lack of a progress indicator other than the first ten and finally the unlocking notification turns this even more challenging. Mind you, this is not a complaint against something which requires effort. It is a complaint regarding its implementation!


Also, it seems to have been the first in a series of bad implementations:


- Initially, according to a statement by another player, there was an issue in regards to photographing the spaceships. In response, on certain days multiple spaceships appeared, assumably so that players could catch up. I understand that too much of an explanation might reduce the surprising and attemptedly mystic nature of this phenomenon, but not knowing what the exact requirement here is, how many spaceships one needs to photograph and whether it has to happen daily or else one's progress would reset, in my view is problematic.

- Another relatively frustrating issue not only is that in order to unlock the "Mummy" mask, one needs to own an "Agency", which can be a challenge, to find a player willing to host it, but that, contrary to most every other challenge, participating as an associate, bodyguard or prospect does not unlock the mask! Frankly, this is unacceptable. In addition, an aspect which was not mentioned on the "Social Club" event page, in case that it is intentional and that it does not constitute another faulty implementation, completing a "Payphone" mission without fulfilling the bonus requirement does not seem to count as completion in regards to the mask reward! And as a side note, this can be significant in the sense that playing these missions in a group tends to markedly be more difficult than when playing them alone. Again, this is not meant as a criticism in regards to challenging activities, but their implementations!


(Imagine also what all of the above may mean for players who maintain multiple game characters, which tends to be a relatively interesting way in order to experience the game in different ways, from different perspectives... THEREFORE, DO NOT THINK THAT THE LACK OF SWEARING MEANS THAT THERE IS NO FURIOUSNESS HERE! BUT WOULD THIS KIND OF ARROGANCE SOLVE ANYTHING?)


Therefore, I ask you, the developers, in addition to better implementations, to find a way to unlock all of the above mentioned items for all players:


- The "Pumpkin" shirt
- The spaceship photography clothing/gear reward (if there is such a thing)
- The "Vintage Mummy" mask


Thank you.

Edited by xaml
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P.S. I have an idea! The implementations so far were not INCOMPETENT enough. How about introducing INSULT to injury, and from GAPING RECTAL ABYSSES leak some more EXCREMENT onto one? How about making available the "Sasquatch" outfit for ONE DAY ONLY, and particularly a day like MONDAY, on which people may have other things to do? Is that not the best idea, ever?! MOTHERF...ING AAAAASSH...LES!!!

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I don't know what's happening here but this is becoming a bit insane now.

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black lives matter | stop Asian hate | trans lives = human lives

the beginning is moments ago, the end is moments away

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