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It'll be okay

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I think society's accepted this,

Deem them unfit and lock up these kids

Reign in their parents for a meeting, and when you seem them

Tell them

That we should lock his ass up

For his own good, don't pass up!


Call in his mom, keep her calm

She's so nice! isn't she?

Treated so harsh by a kid with some Hennessy

A good ole' parent struggling with her offspring

better put those kids away, such troublesome children!


The woods ain't that bad, the hospitals so nice! Right?

and fresh, your kids'll get the best!

Put in a closed-off room with a knife in his chest

we get bullet-proof vests but they don't need such a thing

We'll make 'em independent and send them back with honesty to bring


Oh you've tried your best. You're such a good mommy.

We're just here to help. We'll have him out promptly!

We'll treat him so well! No piss-stained food cups here

It's nothing like Hell! The hospital mood's enough, don't fear


And if he gets all sad, maybe even traumatized

it's not that bad, just a little harmonized

He'll have nightmares, you'll've done the right thing

No burden to bare, do it for the children!


And if he screams, even if he cry's

We'll give him a shot! and close those eyes


Put him in the 'quiet room', he must be sleepy

No more certain doom! We gave him what he's needing


a little care, just a little tough love

Enough so you don't need to deal with him!


You f*cking stupid c*nt.

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