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New Moderators - Kirsty, K^2, MiamiViceCity


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I'm sure everyone will agree that the community will benefit A LOT with Kirsty promoted to moderator of GTA Forums. She cares a lot about the community and about making it a better place for all. So glad to see her added.


EDIT: and K^2, as well!






MiamiViceCity has been promoted, as well! So glad to see that one finally happening. He's great in the V section, and also fills in a sort of gap in the 24 hour period - being in Australia.




And finally, Ryan has been brought on board as moderator. There should pretty much be a 24 hour coverage from now on!

Edited by Adriaan
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Wish her good luck in moderating. I'm sure she'll do a good job.


Congrats smile.gif


EDIT: K^2, MiamiVicecity, and Ryan, good luck to you all too. icon14.gif

Edited by Hameer
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I've already said congrats to her but I thought I'd put it here again. smile.gif


She will do a great job there's no doubting that. I'm not surprised at all after seeing how much work she puts into GTAV.net, if you guys don't know go check it out now. I'm not going to say good luck because she doesn't need it. She easily deserved the position.


Have fun with your new ban stick hammer!


user posted image

Edited by shoumic
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I knew it would happen before the end of this year. Congratulations, Kirsty! Very well deserved indeed.

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Thank you guys. I'll try my best to do a good job smile.gif

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Very well deserved Kirsty, congratulations.

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Algonquin Assassin

Congrats Kirsty. smile.gif

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Well Done! Glad to see you moving along! I'll do my best to keep you busy. icon14.gif

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I'm f*cked now!


Well done kirsty you are a great member and it's good to know that you are up there looking out for us!


And aadrian why did you retire?

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Congratulations, Kirsty. Very well deserved and the best of lock with being a MOD.


May the 'force' be with you.

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About time! Congrats Kirsty!

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Wow, I didn't notice it until now that K^2 is also a global mod. Well deserved!

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