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GTA IV Gostown Simple Trainer not working

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Hello everyone, I installed a completely fresh GTA IV from disk. Then went to rockstar and downloaded the patch Then i downloaded the Gostown Paradise mod from Gta 4 mods. The map works perfect. I load on the dock. My other scripts like LCPDFR works perfectly. But for some reason my Simple Native Trainer 6.5 does not work.


I have another GTA IV Regular that i use simple trainer 6.5 all the time in, works perfectly. I installed it the exact same way as i did on my Gostown file. Ive searched for hours on the internet trying to find a solution and i have had no luck. I found one thread saying they had issues and i did everything they said might fix it, and it did not. I deleted the filepak from PC/Data and i deleted a few items from the mainfile. Ive also tried using my dsound.dll and then tried using xliveless.dll and ive tried using both at the same time. Neither work. The xliveless.dll does its job by not letting me use live though.


When i say not working, i mean at all, the menu wont even show up and no hotkeys are working for this simple trainer.


Here is a picture of my mainfile. I'm usually good at diagnosing and fixing but I'm stumped with this one. Also, yes i have completely deleted it and redone a new fresh install all over again and installed everything step by step. No idea whats going wrong.




user posted image

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Also I will be Installing ANOTHER fresh copy of GTA IV, this time I'm going to patch it back to instead of, Install Gostown, and try the Simple trainer that way. Will post results. If anyone can still help on the above post about my, I'd much appreciate it.


EDIT: Tried the - Results ended in failure lol. Tinkered with that for hours. Everything resulted in fails when it hit "Starting new game, the game would crash and say game stopped working. If i took out the trainers files, it would work. The is still working but the trainer is not responding, the menu still will not show up.


EDIT: I got to work. Trainers working. Took allot of recoding files for some reason, but i got it. Thanks anyways all! smile.gif

Edited by Toasters

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