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Weird cleo issues?

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For some reason the keypresses aren't working in my mod. I've tried reinstalling Cleo at least 4 times with no luck. My cleo.asi is 13kb if that's significant. Currently I'm only running CLEO and MVL is disabled so it shouldn't be an interference thing.


Code - not the whole part but the relevant bit. It's not activating but I know the script is running. Oddly, changing the wait seems to crash the game too.


// This file was decompiled using vicescm.ini published by GtaForums.com on 27.7.07{$VERSION 2.2.0000}{$CLEO .cs}//-------------MAIN---------------thread 'FGC'0001: wait 1000 ms0002: jump @FGC_008a:FGC_008a0001: wait 0 ms00D6: if and 8443:  not player $PLAYER_CHAR in_a_car05EE:  key_pressed 0x9  // tab004D: jump_if_false @FGC_008a 03E5: text_box 'FGC008'// 0247: request_model #UZI:FGC_008b0001: wait 0 ms00D6: if0248:   model #UZI available 004D: jump_if_false @FGC_008b 01B1: give_player $PLAYER_CHAR weapon 23 ammo 5000002: jump @FGC_008a


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For some reason

05EE: doesn't work in GTA3/VC correctly. Read the key state at 0x864A00 _activeKeyState directly to check.

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I'm not very good with reading memory, frankly I have hardly a clue how to do that.


It seems as though 05EE only registers the letters and number keys for some reason. Quite annoying since I never had a problem when I used it in III. I guess I'll just use a key combo instead of one key then.

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