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CG 101 Beta Testing



CG 101b1 DB Dating

v1 Scripts: http://gtasnp.com/37996

v2 Scripts: http://gtasnp.com/37997


CG 101b2 DB Dating

v1 Scripts: http://gtasnp.com/38093

v2 Scripts: http://gtasnp.com/38094


This is a debug save (almost everything is displayed and unlocked) with debug weapons and skills.

There are no restart traps.

All girlfriends are enabled and set to 40% progress.


Include the name of the save tested in any reports.

Players may use cheats or trainers when performing tests on debug saves. Please declare what is used.


The primary purpose of this save is to test the new cars, colors, and plates.


Please let me know if there is a problem with spelling, or if you would prefer a different abbreviation for the custom plates. Custom plates are applied to either the front or the back plate; check both. Note that the rear bumper of the Banshee must be damaged before the custom plates will be displayed. Other vehicles won't display custom plates if the bumper is damaged, but a pay'n'spray (not a save garage) can repair the damage.


Most cars with custom plates are being painted with "hidden colors." It is my impression that these colors are not only unique, but brighter and more colorful that the standard colors. However, the colors are awkward to test and are often unpredictable. Sometimes a car with the same hidden color will appear with a completely different color. I consider this a feature if both colors are nice, and a bug if the other color is pink, dull black, or something ugly.


Example: user posted image or user posted image



Current Plates, Cars, Location, and Colors (ugly list dumped from my spreadsheet, sorry)

JAJ Phoenix Doherty Garage Tuxedo 0 1

JAJS_BRO Sandking Mulholland Armory Tartan 45 44

GIRISH Jester Paradiso Midnight Blue 154 79

RADIOMAN Turismo Prickle Pine Deep Purple 171 171

MAGNETO Hotknife Santa Maria (fixed) -1 -1

WEASEL RanchLure Blueberry Driveway OJ's White Bronco 1 1

DR_EVIL Banshee Madd Dogg's Crib Old School 180 6

MIROMIRO Remington Willowfield Candy Apple Blue (or green) 131 0

SHOUMIC Cheetah SF Tower Armory True Blue 169 169

0909090 Phoenix Old Strip True Red 161 65

MATECZKO Sultan Hashbury Candy Apple Red 151 151

LAEZY Infernus Camel's Toe Bloody Red 176 176

CCPD Super GT Angel Pine safehouse Purple Haze 150 159

THABOY Windsor Dillimore Racing Green 242 1

CH33TA Elegy Calton Heights Real Black 0 0

Added: Please check how the hidden colors work with paintjobs or other mods.


No Plates for (but cars must still spawn):

+ Disco PnS Sandking

+ Mulholland Safehouse Sabre

+ Panopticon Infernus (underwater)

+ Creek Comet

+ Whitewood Hotknife

+ Rockshore Cheetah

+ Driving School Super GT

+ Sweets Greenwood

+ Queens Flash


The current saves are version 39. Besides the cars with plates, here is a list of all (hopefully) other changes since.

Changes for CG 101 Beta 2

CG 101b2

Barriers and IPL object fixed

Nitro removed from Mulholland FBI Truck

Nitro removed from Doherty Super Cabbie

Cheetah at SF Armory

No plates for Queens Flash (still must spawn)

New color for Angel Pine Super GT

aFinn's colors are back on the Creek Comet

Firetruck colors swapped and fixed

Updated map




//OSR/CG101: CHANGE LOG{CG 101a1 DBWillowfield redirected to Bighouse Armory (locked)Easter Eggs Video Highscores updated (players that used to have plates)+ They Came from Uranus  PDESCOBAR	ORIONSR	RUBREGG+ Duality (black)	QUARTET	and	HARRIEM+ Duality (white)	AFINN	and	HMVARTAK+ Go Go Space Monkey	GTA_PHREAK	and	ZMOONCHILD+ Let's Get Ready to Bumble	CRAZYANURG	and	SAMUTZNew colors for Andromadas (LSX, Airstrip)New colors for fire trucks Millie's progress is 40%                }//OSR/CG62: CHANGE LOG{Unused clothing at start (CG.Tweaks1) R* Hoody, X-ray glasses, and leaf bandanaRC Cam added at Queens Armory  (new, always available)Elegy added at Calton Height Safehouse - MIROMIRO plates (new, always available) //now CH33TABanshee added at Madd Dogg's Crib - DREVIL plates (new, always available)Micro-SMG added near debug jetpack}//OSR/CG61: CHANGE LOG{Changes to 2nd custom mission: Boats are back at Fisher's Lagoon, Flint Water, and Drydock Andromada added at the airstrip - always available Royal Casino Parking Garage Random is now a Hotring A Moved the Sandking at LS 24-7 Armory so the FBI Rancher can always spawn Moved the LS 24-7 Maverick so the Sparrow can always spawn Moved Verona Beach NRG so BF-400 can always spawn Moved Verdant Bluffs Slamvan so Tow Truck can always spawn Moved Sweet's Sparrow so it can always spawn  Moved Queens Flash a little Moved LS and LV Jetpacks back to their pre-37 locations Girlfriend preferences tweaked+    All girlfriends are always home+    Enabled Gimp Suit and She Drives dates for all girlfriends+    Katie likes fast driving+    Denise likes Diners+    Michelle likes Restaurants+    Barbara likes Restaurants+    Millie really likes kissing (+2 progress) Move the curse-reverse to new location Restored rebregg's Panopticon Barriers USJ Added Ryan's Eye USJ north of Calton Heights Added Small Casino USJ in Redsands West}//RBR/CG41: CHANGE LOG{Changes to 2nd custom mission: SF Firehouse Alley Bribe reinserted - flowers cut to make room}//RBR/CG40: CHANGE LOG{Changes to 2nd custom mission: Pickups: Armory: nudged Katana, Knife, Chainsaw, Teargas, Satchels, Sniper to remove conflicts with armorobj.ipl}



This new map should be checked for accuracy.



user posted image


Dating - Known Issues:


CJ will often call a girlfriend by the wrong name during she-drives and gimp suit dates.


Helena often has problems finding a safe path from Verona Beach back to her house on a she-drives date. For normal game play I would recommend not looking for a vehicle at Santa Maria. During testing I want to know if the problem is bad enough that her she-drives dates should be disabled.


This save probably won't be able to test if Millie's 40% starting progress will be enough for her to cough up the keycard after a failed date or missed call, but if she does call about the card, please let me know. I'll craft another save to test this setting a little later.

Edited by OrionSR

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CG 101b4 DB Dating v1 scripts

CG 101b4 DB Dating v2 scripts


CG 101b5 DB Dating v1 scripts

CG 101b5 DB Dating v2 scripts

Beta 5 has the Runway 69 jump tweaked a little so it can't be scored as complete if CJ clips the containers with the back end of the car, but still scores as complete whenever the containers are cleared - hopefully. It still might be possible to score the jump a tad short to the west of the containers, but I think this is as close as I'm going to be able to get it.


Oops. I need to fix the camera on the Runway 69 jump. Links are updated.

Two new unique stunt jumps by 0909090 have been added to the save. The primary goal of this save is to test these jumps.


1) Redsands Roof (jump 6): from ramp in the apartments parking lot onto the roof of the house just north of the Redsand hideout. Debug NRG is provided at the entrance to the apartments.


2) Runway 69 (jump 22): from the higher ramp at the south end of the LV runway, over the containers or an equivalent distance onto the rooftops to the west or east. Debug Infernus is provided at the north end of the runway.


The rooftop tower jumps in SF have been cut to keep the total jump count at 70. These early experimental jumps don't fit the current standards for Chain Game USJs (too easy to die, out of the way and difficult to chain with other jumps).


Also, the unused toys have been included in the Disco Bars, and the Oddball Jetpack has been placed in the Hampton Barns undrowning zone. Pickups cut to make room at the sniper rifles on top of the Four Dragons Casino and roof of the Jefferson Hospital, and the Molotov on the roof of the Creek Mall. The cut pickups were deemed too awkward to access to be useful.


Finally, Helena can no longer request She-Drives dates due to pathing issues returning from Verona Beach.


I'll update the map with the new jumps and jetpack and post it soon.


user posted image

Edited by OrionSR

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Okay, so I tried both jumps and everything seems to work as it should be. And yeah, maybe I screwed up that camera position, I actually had other code with another camera position saved but seems like I copied thw wrong one, but it doesnt matter anymore. Is the save ready for 101st round?

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Tried both jumps as well and everything is working as it should. Passed the one at LV airport quite easily and it took a couple of tries to pass the one at Red sands west with the NRG-500. 0909090 told me to give the Red sands one a shot with the Cheetah with Nitrous enabled and I passed it quite easily. Don't seem to have a problem with the camera angles with either of the jumps as well.

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Thanks for the feedback. For the Redsands Roof jump with an NRG it helps a lot if CJ is leaning forward heavily when contacting the ramp. This provides a lot more height to reach the roof. BTW, bonus points to anyone who can land their bike on top of the tree just to the left. I've come close a couple of times but haven't quite made it.


The Runway 69 jump is much more flexible using a fast vehicle like the Infernus. I'm having a hard time reaching the rooftops to the right using a bike, or scoring the jump as complete on the roof to the left. This is also an excellent barrel roll jump.


Is anyone having any luck with the Ryan's Eye jump north of Calton Heights? The goal here is to take the jump slightly to the right and thread the needle between the buildings to land down near the road.


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BTW, bonus points to anyone who can land their bike on top of the tree just to the left. I've come close a couple of times but haven't quite made it.

user posted image



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