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GTA IV Diamonds Subplot Timeline / chain of events

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The diamonds are a big part of the plot in GTA IV games.


I'm wondering if anyone has an orderered timeline of what happens to the diamonds because I can't immediately recall the order of events in all the GTA4 series games.


All I know is,


Event 1: Chef smuggles diamonds on the boat (that Niko is on)


Final Event: Hobo finds diamonds in the garbage

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From what I remember,


•Chef smuggles the Diamonds into LC.

•He sells them to Gay Tony

•Johnny steals them and puts them in the garbage for Niko to collect.

•Niko collects the diamonds with Luca & team and leaves diamonds with them.

•Luca wants to steal the diamonds but is killed by Niko

•Niko brings back the diamonds to Ray Boccino

•Ray Boccino makes a deal in Libertonian with Issac and Mori

•The deal is ambushed by Luis who steals the diamonds.

•The diamonds are given to Gay Tony and we dont hear about them for a while.

•Gracie is kidnapped by Packie and Niko.

•Bulgarin finds about the Diamonds and cuts off the cook's head.

•Luis and Gay Tony give Diamonds to Packie & Niko in exchange for Gracie

•Russians arrive and one guy steal the diamonds.

•Niko & Packie find him and he throws the diamonds into a dump truck

•Somehow, the Diamonds end up in trash in Meadows Park and Jerry Kapowitz finds them.

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