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Post Your Hip-Hop Lyrics


Recommended Posts



uh huh

I'm feelin it

Oh yeah

who'd a thought a white boy would save hip hop

Yo I do it fo the real hip hop nah mean

f*ck drake, real hip hopSONG:

I'm a spiritual lyrical individual spiritual miracle lyrical individual spiritual miracle individual

Skippin' and flippin' and dippin' and skippin' and flippin' and dippin' and illest to killest the skill is the realest

I'm the realest of the realest

I'm bringin' real hip hop back don't you ever forget it

f*ck Lil Wayne and the government's corrupt

f*ck the government cause I don't give a f*ck

I'm the realest in the game cause I'm underground

f*ck that mainstream sh*t cause I don't give a f*ck

I'm a spiritual lyrical miracle lyrical spiritual illest of miracle lyricals flippin' and dippin'CHORUS:

Real hip hop, don't you ever forget it

It's that underground sh*t, it's the white boy that said it

Real hip hop, don't you ever forget it

It's that underground sh*t, it's the white boy that said itrepeat x3END


So what do you think? I think I did real good.



ay he's bringing real hip hop back, man

Don't you ever forget it

He's the best of the best


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These fools actin' like they high on PCP

More dangerous than the streets of CBT

Broadcasting my tunes from here to the BBC

Mad respect to those signed to the TDE

Give me a some caffeine and I'm GTG

Writing my lyrics after catching some ZZZ

You're rap game is deader than MTV

I have more notoriety than the B.I.G.

Packing the goods, but not the ones from Snoop D-O-Double G

Who else could write lyrics so easily?

Don't care who you are, I'll treat you equally

Seattle WA, respect it, feeling me?

A real motherf*ckin' G, just like Eazy-E

Edited by NightSpectre
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All the money flowing in, no off-switch

You might need to write new sh*t bro, my synopsis

Regardless, you're best friend likes my lyrical prowess

I'm dropping records, platinum certified

The girls are all "really, like?"

"The bona fide hottest rapper personified?"

Yeah that's right. And I don't need any blunts

I keep my intact state of mind

Making more money while you're dropping dollars getting high

All these rappers out there looking for a fight?

I laugh at you, then party all night


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yo its me

bibby g

funky rhymes, that's my beat

i can't rap


help me


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Decided to rework a previous verse I wrote into a new one for my first complete song. Chorus is a work in progress.


Catch me on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Makin’ moolah from the beginning was the M.O

Rollin’ through block in my Benz whoa

Now I got the confidence to get rich

Or die tryin’ like 50 Cent

And if it don’t make dollars, it don’t make sense

Oh, and don’t bug me about useless sh*t

I don’t have any time to worry about it

I work 25 through 8, you know I don’t quit

F*ck it, I’ve done more than you’ll admit

This is me, keeping my name up

Taking names while I’m stepping my game up

So don’t approach me unless you can get your fame up





All these people tripping on PCP

More dangerous than the streets of CPT

Broadcasting my tunes from here to the BBC

Mad respect to those signed to the TDE

Watchin’ my shows on Blu-ray/DVD

Writing some lyrics after catching some ZZZ

Your rap games deader than MTV

While I’m here running for V.I.P.

Comparable to 2Pac and B.I.G.

I’m from Seattle and I’m living lavish in NYC

Holla at me, catch me in Atlanta with T.I.P.

Gold and diamonds everywhere, see what I see?

You know I’m dropping bills, ‘cause everything’s so damn pricey




Edited by NightSpectre
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  • 1 month later...

I hate to be blunt

But I’m a f*cking c*nt

Penetrating life in the ass

Every single month

Chase myself around America

Forrest f*cking Gump


Take it from the rich

And give it to the poor

Until the roles are reversed

And my hands are f*cking sore

Life is just a box of hell

And I’m stuck in the middle of it

Ain’t hard to tell

I regret every single bit of it

Spilling my guts out to strangers

A dog in the manger

Cause I keep my dirty soul because it’s golden

It’s golden

It's golden

It's golden

It's golden

(I'm more used to writing in Swedish as you might see. Kudos to everybody sharing their actual lyrics here.)


Get more cheese than Doritos, Cheetos or Fritos - MF DOOM

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  • 1 month later...



The blood brothers

The blood smothers others like lovers/

Delusional in love/

Like Isley, in between the covers/

And undercover/

They mutter knowing that you’ll stutter/

Speak a word, and at best expect an upper cutter/

Not the type of chin check that’d you’d expect/

And they dress in all black and make you confess/

And protect the innocence; soon there will be a revolt/

To overthrow the wickedest government blood cult/

But don’t fault, spill the salt

And throw it over your shoulder/

Into the eye of the all-seeing beauty’s beholder

Open the folder/

documents on the populace/

Why are they watching us/

stopping us, the answers obvious?

/ Exhibit A, They enforce laws to endorse more/

Make their profit in the streets, and in turn they cause/

Higher drug arrests/

The prison is a business/

Oblivious to the false headlines we are the witness/




Try and bar code us like some cans

Well best of luck/

That's that way you get timberland up/


Is that what you're asking me? Is there something wrong with anyway?




The person who can get the sample at the end gets a shout out in le next video.

Edited by athande


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  • 3 years later...
  • 5 months later...

As I start to twist n spark my spliff i laugh,

Cuz i outsmart and rip over any instrumental if i start to spit a track,

Im a narcissist in rap,

A subliminal arsonist im strapped,

With gats that kill little bitches who interfere in my business without alarmin pigs or rats,

You say ur smart n yet if u were smart ud quit with ur arguin n startin sh*t n fast,

Before i start to trip overreact get carsick n park my whip n smash,

Rite thru ur apartment bricks just to barge rite in with class,

Then ima hop out n flick or spark my bic til i get ur carpets lit then dash, 

But i aint departin without atleast leavin a carcass or charred carcasses in stacks,

I guess ive been driven a little bit heartless from my past,

From wut ive been gettin after all that ive given so its a givin that ima give in to the darknesses n grasp!


Edited by Craig Wasil
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  • 1 year later...

Just a rap on what I think about sometimes so I thought to write it down.



all the corruption, money lawdering 
deforestation, slaughtering, 
lost of habitats, global warming, 
ice caps melting, sea levels rising, 
coral reefs dyeing, 
people in power rising
suppressing, undermining, 
terrorising, lying
nobody realising,   
why are they hiding away 
the problems of today 
world leaders not willing to say 
its already to late 
we have choose our fate 
to late to close that gate 
to set things straight 
we're all living in a daze, 
all this misery and pain 
its all the same 
never going to change 
each and every night  
why do we fight  
we all deserve, to be heard 
can't judge people by a word 
over a third 
of the population 
lives in a nation
where's there  death, theft, destruction  
poverty every where you look 
they never heard of luck
they just stuck 
living that way 
on less than $2.50 a day
that's why they pray  
asking why?
wishing they would die
looking for answers in the sky
living life as a lie 
just want to escape 
to better a place 
but this is their fate
trapped in boarders
which don't exist
can't ask question
can't resist
getting caught by the wrist 
this isn't way life is meant to be 
i thought it was freedom and solidarity
but instead all you see is
police brutality 
its sad to see
but its reality 
people finally able to see
what's really going on
its hard to stay strong 
when the system is so wrong 
its like our mission 
is mass excitation 
there's no reason 
for all this treason
on mother earth 
only caring about what things are worth
why is war really going on?
soon we are going to be gone,
erased without a trace
from this place and history 
i know its hard for people to see 
coz it might not effect you and me
but all the generations to come 
what have deserved to be the one 
to suffer at the hands of what we have done 
we need to hang our heads in shame
look in the mirror and you will see who's to blame 
life isn't a game, there's no Bruce Wayne 
how hard is it to get it into peoples brains
its driving me insane
how did we manage
to become so salvage 
we need to bandage
the whole package 
stop taking advantage 
of the weak and poor
stop throwing blacks to the floor
kneeling on them so they cant breathe no more
we need justice not war 
solve the problem at the core
look at our law 
no matter where you come from 
could be you or anyone 
racistism is a curse on this earth 
killing over truth
what is it worth 
food in dearth 
before this world goes into shatters 
lets just all agree that all life matters
we can't splatter and be like antimatter 
keep holding your banner in that manner 
don't scatter or grab a hammer     







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  • 2 months later...

Got so many cars in my staunton island garage/

You would think its a mirage/

I go to ammunation and get a strap/

I shoot some cops then i take a nap/

Catch me rollin with the southside hoods/

We be up to no good/

Catch me rollin with D-ice/

Yea you know we don't be nice/


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  • 3 weeks later...

I could give ya 6 million reasons

Why I'm afraid of the microwave

Coz sedentaritys

Slowly driving me towards insanity

Not lookin forward

To the mental ward

Bars and needles

More bars more needles

Fake smiles and cheaters

Flesh eaters

Someone explain to me why

They wanna eat us

drug us and beat us! 

The sites blacklike its guantanamo bay

I've lost track is it Monday or sunday

Ain't no telling which is wich 

Coz times blocked

And we're locked in a glitch

In my eye there's a twitch

An I'm ready for seizure

Please relieve the pressure

A nail threw my temple

So that poors out the evil

Don't receit no ezekiel

Be warned of the sequel....... 

Edited by Kerat
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  • 8 months later...

This is just some random thoughts of mine, not edited...just how it came out.



I'm not an oil painting, I'ma clown. A f*ckin skinny white boy, with skinny pants and a frown.
But I can spit, I spill ink on the page and make all of ya hearts blink, coz all of a sudden I'm speaking with the soul and the sound of the underground. Just shut up and listen, take it all in and think. I may sound up now but I've come from way down.
Worked out, from the brink, and now I'm lasting the rounds.
Gimme a pound...I'll give you change...One Pence, Two Pence...sh*t this doesn't even make sense, no more. Not a Lick.

Back to the substance... I ain't a looker, no Slick Rick. But with some blood, sweat, and tears I'm hoping that I'ma be a stadium booker like that white tooth-pick.
Now I may not be an adonis, my features are like that of cartoon. But your face look like a f*ckin half deflated balloon. sh*t.
Just like my dick after I saw it. Sick.
Aw, here, I'll make you an animal. *inflates balloon*

See I'm sick, my mind ain't violent by my brain sure as sh*t needs sanitizing. Clean slate.
Dr. Phil, Help?! Nope? Well maybe I'll go back to New Horizons and stuff my earsdrums full of kelp, no more trying to hide it.
Not one of you ever rejected me, but that's exactly how it felt. When I was standing on the outside looking in, like I f*ckin missed out.
But then I realized, the only difference between now and then was my own self doubt, couple shots of self-worth, now it's confidence that I tout.

Now I'm not into that flashy sh*t, I'm into flashing asses. Bend over, pull your skirt up, now look back and bat your lashes. 
Now don't look at me like I'm whack, I'm just honest as Abe and Cassius. Not a Catfish, I just had my facebook hacked. Not into men, full respect to y'all, but personally I'm just into smashing gashes.


I don't know, let me know what y'all think...

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