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BF-400, NRG-500, and FRC-900" code...

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You know how the "Heavy BF-400, NRG-500, and FRC-900" codes work? Is it possible to carry on the effect of the code but onto a car like a Bullet or something?



Basically Heavy Bullet? Because it is funny, but the down part is you can easily fall off the bike.

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King Andreas

Hey, dude, it's nice to see you returned. In case you can't tell, this is GTASAddict.


The short answer to your question is yes, it can be arranged.


Lets analyze Edison Carters codes:


Heavy NRG-500

20693D48 48900000

20693D50 47300000


Heavy FCR-900

20693C68 48900000

20693C70 47300000


Heavy BF-400

20693F08 48900000

20693F10 47300000


Quite evidently, you must take the heavy code address:


20693??? 48900000

20693??? 47300000


And fill in the ?'s with the Bullets identification digits. Unfortunately, I don't know them.


Note for those unaware: the term "heavy" refers to the enabling of bumping into a peds car causing it to bounce away.



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This is for V2 right?



Edit: I tested the code and when I turned the game on with it in effect, the game didn't even start up. It just froze in the screen before the Playstation 2 logo.

Edited by That Grove street Homie

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King Andreas

Remember, Edison Carter (who doesn't linger around anymore) authored these codes, not me.


He didn't specify v1 or v2, nor did I test them, but odds are they're v1. http://www.cheatdevice.com/gta/sa.htm#heavymotorcycle


Also, these: http://www.codemasters-project.net/members...s/CarDigits.htm are not the correct digits. Those are for gang cars, vehicle generators and button cheat alterations, not the heavy aspects.



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