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IV - Adding car sounds?

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So, i've been digging around for a good 3 weeks about adding car sounds. Without replacing, to fit custom added vehicles.



lp700,	lp700,	car,  lp700,	INFERNUS,	[email protected],  [email protected]_INFERNUS,  1,  1,  	0.2950, 0.2950,  0,  5,  1.0	,0,  sports



I know that the first and second set define the .wtd and .wft file. the 4th defines the handling.


INFERNUS defines the car's in game name and engine sound.


I added a profile in american.gxt for my lp700, and thats great, but correct me if i'm wrong, If i change INFERNUS to LP700, won't that result in no engine sound?


doesn't the profile in the gxt define the engine sound?


Now, What I'm trying to figure out (as a half newbie) how these link together. Is it hardcoded? Because, obviously in the STREAMED_VEHICLES.rpf, we have sounds that don't even relate the the name of the car what-so-ever.


These are linked with an ID of some sort. Yes, you are probably mad that I am stating obvious facts to you, a pro coder, (Most of you) but maybe answer some of my questions if you could? And is it possible to assign an ID to a custom profile in the GXT file to a custom sound in the RPF file? Added ones of course.


Correct me on anything that I am wrong on.

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So, No One has Ideas?

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