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Change driving camera angle (higher).

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I have been playing this game for a long time with many long breaks. I have noticed that it's getting harder to find the right mods so i have to ask here if mod like this even exists!


Problem: I'm not really happy with in-game camera (driving). it's too low for driving (behind car) as well it's angle is 90° with the ground. What i want to change (with the mod, script etc.) is, that the camera (while driving) is higher and the angle is about 75° with the ground so i don't see all city in front of me, but i can see how close is the car in front of me. Ofc you can do that with the mouse but game constantly changes it back in 1 sec. and you have to move mouse all the time. This is not really a huge problem since I'm used to current settings. But i have to mention that if its not focused on whole city in front on me it improves FPS by 2-3 for me not that i'm concerned about it. it would probably increase it by 8 fps if it was fully above car facing the road.


I found one mod that can do this based on the video and information in mod description, I have yet to test it. But i don't like that this mod has additional features such as god mode that is enabled every time I start the game and vehicle spawner. I don't really understand why the author didn't made this camera mod separate. But this probably is the only mod out there and more people should know about it.

Here is the link to the mentioned mod, author Shahid_fss : link to camera mod


Also such mod would enable to position camera on left side of the car next to front wheel and probably lock it there.


TL;DR I'm looking for camera hack (such as in GTA SA) for GTA IV. based on my research I don't think there exists one. I'm NOT looking for mods that changes vehOFF.csv since that gives you new camera position and you have to change camera for every car.


Thanks in advance.


Sorry for English.

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I'm asking almost the same:

Is there any mod to modify angle and zoom for outside car camera in gta sa?

Edited by tedomedo

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