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How to max put Lost for gang wars?

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In my game, Terry and Clay are the only ones maxed out And, their toughness doesn't decrease any when they get gunned down. Story is complete, so Jim is gone.


I'd love to have other Lost cocksuckers maxed out aswell - Tug, Willy, Buck, Horse, Hank - and so on.

It would be awesome to take on another gang with all of Johnny's six comrades maxed out.


The Lost fight like sh*t, and they never manage to survive a fight.


So, any advice on how to max out the stats of Lost?


Obviously, one way is to be extremely fast and accurate.


I read from somewhere that if the player gets into a car or a helicopter, then the Lost don't follow. I entered a car and drove away, but motherf*ckers still followed Johnny. So this tip doesn't seem to work.

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Vagos MC
LOL. Yeah, I totally agree with you. They aren't any use to you. You basically take them on yourself. Clay and Terry shoot like ten times and get one shot on target, lol.

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Indeed, they're good on low levels but after a few gang wars they wont be of help. all they do is run or take cover and when they decide to shoot they rarely ever hit the enemy. also i hate it when they keep shooting dead peds, it wastes time. R* did a bad job with their AI.

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