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98% and stuck

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Any tips for Patriot Playground on Portland & Gripped in Shoreside Vale


Also the Rampage with the Yardies seems impossible, the one with the rocket launcher by the church, they close in on you so blasting enough is hard


4th and final test is the Shoot off 15 Columbian heads Rampage on Shoreside Vale. I haven't tried jumping down and sniping yet, any other ideas for this one?



If anybody could give tips it would be appreciated

Edited by drr26

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for patriot playground and gripped I would suggest choosing a vid from youtube and following the courses taken ... becomes much easier when you know what route to take

I don't recall all the rampages but some of them just take a lot of tries .

there are plenty of write ups with tips on each rampage ..try gamefaqs

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With the sniper rampage, try taking cover and take your time with those headshots. With the RPG challenge, try to get as far as possible before you shoot. It's mostly trial and error.

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Nukey Shay

For the offroad challenges, try to keep track of which checkpoints you have problems with and see if you can improve your time before going for those (like hitting other nearby checkpoints first to keep anxiety in check). Don't use constant acceleration if the surface isn't level...but keep pressing and releasing it instead to keep sliding and tipping minimal. The Patriot can climb nearly anything with a slope. And yes, videos can be of help if you are unsure of a good route to take in the first place.


Rampages can be picked up and then performed anywhere if you don't like the sites you are given (a fast car is preferred if you choose this method). Going to the street *below* the one the church is near can make that one easier (i.e. the highway below the lift bridge ramp). Although you lose 8 seconds or so to get there via Banshee, you can just keep blowing away at the street above your head to rack up kills (and be pretty unreachable from spawning peds and police...which will be using the higher street if you stay in the grey areas).


Dropping down to street level is pretty much the easiest method for the other one. You are untouchable behind the glass there, too.


For any rampage, remember to keep turning around and changing your heading to force new targets to spawn quicker (also release FPS targeting when doing so if the rampage uses it). This forces the game engine to erase dead targets immediately when more are needed to fill your current field of vision.

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