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Confused about this game

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Hello everyone . I am a little confused about this and the lost and damned .

I purchased GtA 4 episodes from liberty city though I do not have a PS3 yet but it was on sale for 20 bucks lol

Now I see these games being called downloaded content or something ..

Are these 3 separate GTA games on this disc I purchased ?Do I load each game separately ? Or they all part of the same game ?

Any info would be great ..


Sorry if these are stupid questions but I have never seen or played the game or games .Thanks guys

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Algonquin Assassin

EFLC is episodic content to the original GTA IV game. They take place in the same city at the same point in time, but seen from the eyes of Johnny (TLAD's protagonist) and Luis (TBOGT's protagonist).


There's another version called the Complete Edition which has GTA IV and both of the episodes.


Hope that somewhat clears up what you wanted to know. smile.gif

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yeah I got the complete edition all on one disc . wasn't sure if this was 3 separate games

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Vagos MC


You CAN get 3 people in one game. But, you probably bought the one with 2 people. The one you probably bought stars Johnny Klebitz, a member of a motorcycle bike, and Luis Lopez, a bodyguard of famous nightclub owner "Anthony Gay Tony Prince" and a former drug dealer. You can go on youtube and check out all of the missions. If you any questions about anything else, just message me. icon14.gif

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