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What do you think of Niko?

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Algonquin Assassin

I think John is great also, but Niko edges him for me anyway.

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I also liked Niko. Yeah his dialog was very simple but then again people need to realize that English isn't his first language but R* probably wanted it to still be understood by the players if that makes sense. I think his character shows how far he's willing to go to survive.

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I thought he was quite dull overall. He was a very serious take, but what I believe is the 'HD Universe' is a more serious GTA anyway. San Andreas / Vice City / GTA 3 were all very... laid back? Not really sure how to describe it. But it was more comical to say the least.


I like that part about Niko, he was loyal, cynical etc etc etc, but his character did not develop, he basically recycled the same lines over and over in every cutscene, it got boring.


They should have made Roman a rich playboy pushing drugs, with Niko working for him, the Cab business being a cover for it. The story would of been a lot different in some parts, but it would of given the opportunity to have a core relationship that's consistent and develops throughout the game, which is something I liked about TBoGT. I didn't like Luis, but his relationship with Tony was my favourite part of the story, not including Yusuf OFCOURSE, and how though their relationship was stressed (being a business relationship too) Luis stays loyal to him overall, even though he doubted he should.


GTA 4 should of been this. They should have used Niko and Romans relationship as a core dynamic, having it develop and become stressed, giving Niko the chance to develop farther rather than 'ok I will kill this guy because you're paying me $1000'.

Part of my excitement for the GTA5 story is it's involving around these 3 main characters who work together, have their own lives which may affect how they interact with eachother, developing throughout the story. Rather than doing the usual thing of introducing a character then having them killed when they really become quite interesting.

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He's one of my favorite protagonists so I say it's a safe bet that I liked the character. He was the start of a more in depth GTA protagonist adding a lot of extra dialogue to missions, girl/friend hangouts, random characters, phone calls, taxi, ect. There were so much stuff done to improve the game in a way to get to know your protagonist and to the same but slightly lesser extent the DLCs did it as well I really enjoyed that so it's hard to dislike a character that so much was added to.

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I thought Niko was class. Eastern European immigrants aren't meant to be flashy and he represented the landscape; gritty. He's a torn individual with a past that's been deeply embedded into his present and future. It was nice to see the change of heart he had towards the end of the game. The death of Kate/Roman highlighted this and his little comment once completing the game summed him up completely.


He wasn't as childish and animated as CJ. I just finished SA again last night and throughout the game I wished CJ would talk less. When SA first came out it was great but on playing again recently CJ felt so 'forced'. Niko was natural. Niko brought a gruesome maturity to GTA. He's not perfect and could possibly have been improved here and there but his overall tone and persona was reflected in the story and in the city itself.


R* got it right with this guy.

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I didn't care for Niko. Too bland compared to other protagonists. Vercetti and Marston have been my favorite two.

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He's the best protagonist after Johnny K for me. no one will top those two.

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Gauntlet Hair

Would have been MUCH better for me if all he spoke was Serbian. Would have reminded me of Claude a bit, as there was always a kind of language barrier between characters since Claude never spoke. Would have been fun to see missions with Ray Boccino, with Niko only speaking Serbian.

Speaking of Serbian, It's made Niko one of my favorite protags seeing that he's of Serbian descent. Lots of my friends are Serbian and it's got a very interesting history. It was nice to see R* notice that and make a protagonist from there.

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