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FPV jetpack ( bazooka/sniper )


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Ok this one is prolly known but didnt see on my search forum 'jetpack' here so i'll explain. I did it on PS3 with PS3 download. Easy way is use weapon/gun cheat and jetpack cheat ( prolly only 1 way lol ). Get u guns u want ( zoom able like sniper ) now i refer to ps controls, say u want sniper for first person view while fly jetpack ( not easy flying ). Use gun cheat now equip sniper now skip to next gun ( R2 ), now put in u jetpack cheat but as u know the last 6 cheat buttons required are R1 and R2 etc. so when at last 6 buttons hold R1 so u zoomed while zoomed press R2 + 4 other and now cheat is activated. Now still nothing so tab R1 fast again and keep it pressed ( let go R1 like 0.2second ) now u zoomed in again but this time u flying skyhigh and with heatseeking bazooka i think u can shoot u smg in FPV. Controlled flying aint easy u can walk by pressing L3 or L3 down ( thumbstick ). Bonus: as far as i know cops etc. shoot way less and try get u out of u car but once get out car for like a sec they all start shooting admidiatly also i think they get out of there car slower as normal ( keep bashing u with car ). This seems to work when out of life/health. To do this u need be at a safe house go to your clothes thing by yellow marker, inside u can dress by walk in red marker thing. Now get molotov cocktails/flamethrower put uself on fire and when very close to dead/outhealth enter the red marker it gives u like extra 0.5second delay so u need to lose u health when entered for like 0.5second so u technalicy u wasted but ingame u alive ( wont die when leave dress thing ). Best try is get proofed car like sultan get 4 5 stars and FBI swat keep running after u car and wont shoot ( very rare if shoot but they Will if u leave vehicle and re enter.

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  • 1 month later...

Oh, I get it; this enables you to ride the jet-pack while holding a sniper rifle or rocket launcher the same way you do on foot. Another fascinating thing: If CJ touches fire, he can shoot the sniper rifle without the targeting reticle. Additionally, he can aim rocket launchers (again, without the reticle), though he can't shoot them.

Edited by King Andreas
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Check that again. My experience is that if CJ is on fire he cannot use the Sniper-Rifle nor the Missile Launchers.

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According to this topic, I'm not the only one to have discovered this:



If you're on fire,and try and aim the sniper rifle,it sticks the rifle out,as if you were aiming,but doesn't give you the view,or any view for that matter. So,you can fire the rifle without a view.


Even though anyone can edit the contents of GTA.Wikia, I'm going to quote them anyway:



Some games in the GTA III era, setting fire to yourself then using the sniper rifle would allow it to lock on to any opponent and fire without utilizing the scope.
Edited by King Andreas
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  • 3 weeks later...

Hey i've tested on my PS3 and yes when you on fire you can shoot sniper ( scoped one ) w/o the scope but its impossible to make aimed shots, throw molotov and walk/jump in it but just before u hit the fire you scope/aim, now you can fire sniper as normal gun. I tried with heat seeking bazooka but doesnt work ( cj acts like he fires but no rockets come out maybe tier 1 bazooka works ). Another one thats probally old, u can have sniper scope view when swim ( easiest is jump higher cheat then jump but u jump to high so when u land cj makes an extra step forward ) now get near water/ocean jump but on edge of land/surface ( so that extra step gets you in the water ) and press aim when u land. Now you in scope view and in the water ( needs precize jump ). This useless but i liked older version of this website more and why only gta5 images on top? or thats only untill gta5 is released?.

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