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Something to think about

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I was looking through old news at Gouranga and it occured to me that we were so off on our guesses for gta3 that its ridiculous. I saw one article saying that we would actually be able to buy cars at the used cars lot, and they were all based on screenshots. What I'm getting at is, how far off are we wrong on the assumptions and guesses for vice city? I know we are if only alittle, were still wrong. So think about it, we could have our whole view on this game wrong, crazy right?

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I'm thinking there's gonna be motorcucles.

And that's based on screen shots.

I hope I'm not wrong.


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Vice City I Can't Wait!
i think that this time we are focasing more on confirmed facts then guesses based on screenshots!!  well at least i am!! :D

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yea same here, cause if you look on some of the older GTA3 pix they have blue and white LCPD cars and different fire engines from the ones that actually came with the game, so i'll wait for things to be confirmed first.

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Yeah they change a lot after sep. 11.....but now they r goin full force and we get jets planes and helicopters and motorcycles this is NOT a guess...this game will be the greatest of all time it is goin to make the ppl that own and xbox or gamecube to think to themselves and punch their face and say why da f*ck didnt i get a PS2 and for all ya hear not dissin if u do have a PS2 and other systems cuz ya still got PS2 or PC....right or r ya readin facts bout gta3 and sayin u know all bout it..lol

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