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Airbreak for GTA San Andreas

Recommended Posts


NOT for use in multiplayer! You may get banned and spoil the fun for others.


I have stopped updating this mod for a while, but I will continue if I get enough support. So leave your support in the comment, and a rating is always appreciated! Feel free to ask or say whatever you want, I will read it.


"Freedom to move wherever you want"


Always wanted to explore the hidden interior universe without a jetpack, or with a car?


Do you like to get THERE where you can't get normally?


Just flew into the ocean?


That's where I designed this mod for!


This is a mod you can't refuse for sure!


Have Fun!


Cleo mod installment:

You need cleo, if you haven't, google it.

Put airbreak.cs in your /cleo folder and

Put airbreak.fxt in your /cleo/cleo_text folder.



Enable: CTRL + X

Disable: ENTER


Video of the mod




Please rate and comment!


Future versions:

Also, tell me what you want to see in the next version!

Ideas so far:


-Customizable fly speed

-Bugfix in which cars sometimes move as not meant to

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This is useful for me, great job and thanks! biggrin.gifrah.gif

Edited by GhReCoN

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Lance Wilson Ryder

sadly interiors markers dissapears once using the airbreak , so i cant find hidden interiors :c so lame!

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