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Vice city...

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does anyone know if vice city will be released on pc in the near future, i dont have ps2 and i dont feel like buying it.

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Moved to GTA Vice City forums.


Thanxx zero1

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Almost no one knows.. all we heard is that Sony made a deal with Rockstar, and there wouldn't come out any GTA part for pc anymore yada yada.. they'd better change that.. they're gonna lose thousands of customers..

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So what,they'll lose a couple of thousand customers.

But the Sony exclusivity contract makes up for it.

And they'll have a few more millions that'll make up for it as well on PS2.



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Vice City I Can't Wait!

Sorry guys but this doesn't look good for you pc gamers!!  i found this on gamespot!!!



GS: Did the fact that the game is a PlayStation 2 exclusive allow for more freedom?


AG: Not having to consider a second platform in development is always easier. Concentrating on the PS2 gives us a consistent platform across the entire team. That way, when one person finds a certain part of the game slow, we can be sure everyone else will and do something about it. In some respects this makes things easier, but...well, you can't make up excuses anymore.


Looks like thy're only concentrating on the ps2 version!!

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Off we go again... Yes GTA Vice is coming to the PC, the agreement was for consoles only. If you look on Gamespot you will find a seperate section for the PC version and a article on GTA Vice being confirmed for PC in E3, look down the forums there are hundreds of topics about the PC version, and people still have not learnt that the rockstar sony agreement was for consoles only.


Oh and if they were not going to do it on PC, i don't think it would be thousands of customers they lost, more like millions. Rockstar is a clever company and would not miss a chance to make even more cash



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