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Old World

Looking for a partner

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Old World

Hey guys, what's up.


Now I don't know how far this post will take me, so I'm just going to brief.


I'm looking a partner, perhaps several people, who'd all like to get together and design something. My ambition would be to create a zombie survival game, although I have multiple ideas. Whilst I have no programming knowledge, I'm going to begin learning C++ (unless anyone has a better suggestion) as I'm told you can create a vast range of applications with it. I've been using computers for years, and I believe that learning to code would be a brilliant goal to work towards.


I'm specifically looking for people who are either learning to code, or are already skilled with coding, as well as people who are skilled at art (for making sprites, and so forth).


Maybe nothing will come of it, or perhaps something great could be made. It'd evidently take a long, long time, but it'd be nice to talk to others and really learn from one-another, perhaps coming together to work on a project.


Add me on Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/OldWorldYall

Add me on Skype: toml.1993


Thanks in advance. I look forward to hearing from people.

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To be honest, if you are just starting to learn coding you may want to look at Java.


As much as PC and console games will always be on top, smaller mobile games are a better start point. You can easily batter out a decent mobile game in less than a year, and if you fire it onto the Android store you don't need to worry about advertising it as much.


Start small and work your way up smile.gif.

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Well tbh I would be interested in a zombie survival game as long as it is different as WarZ or DayZ

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