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1998 vs. 2001


I <3 LC  

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  1. 1. I <3 LC

    • GTA LCS: 1998
    • GTA III: 2001

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I think GTA III captured the atmosphere of Liberty City very well, better than Liberty City Stories. GTA III is a lot grayer and dirtier, which suits the game very well. But I still really like Liberty City from LCS. I like the street textures, the ferries and some buildings that weren't there in GTA III anymore. LCS conveys a Liberty City in which the world was still halfway in order before Toni ruined the city.Β πŸ˜›


I didn't select anything in the poll. I play a lot more GTA III, but I like taking a trip from LCS to Liberty City. If there had been LCS for PC, I would definitely be there more often.


Like the classic GTA games?Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β  Play The Chain Game!

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GTA Plus Enjoyer

LCS is set in the pre-9/11 era, maybe that's why the atmosphere isn't as dark as GTA III? πŸ€”Β (I know 9/11 is probably not canon in GTA, but it's interesting to think about I guess...)

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LCS from 1998 please, far more sophisticated and more features implemented (e.g. motorcycles!) 😊

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They are sort of similar but.I will choose only LCS (1998) if I have to, more colors to it and there was also more variety of npcs around but again not that different to me from what I remember.

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I think LCS is better than III,beacuse LCS had strongest weapons(e.g. Minigun,M60,M4,Nightstick,Psg-1,MP5,Python)

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liberty city stories is a very great game and im proud to call it a very good prequel to 3. but 3 is the best because it captures the fog much better. i only dont like that you cant move the camera in 3 and liberty city stories you can but still 3 has the better weather conditions.... and music..... i dont like liberty city stories music at all---probablly the worst of all the series for me

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