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PS2 / PS3 usb converter



I am trying to figure out how to upload PS2 port gamesaves from my PS3 to gtasnp.com.


This is how it displayed from my USB.

  • PS3 <
    • EXPORT <
      • PS2SD <
        • NPUD20946 <
          • ICONO.PNG <
          • PARAM.SFO <
          • SCEVMCO.VME <
          • SCEVMC1.VME <
      • PSV <
        • BASLUS-209464754413530303030.PSV <
    • SAVEDATA >



Edited by PSN-Blackhawk_1989

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4 answers to this question

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Thanks, I seen that thread and downloaded it. I wonder if we can get an extractor or something to separate a single save.

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Dowload PSV Exporter and use it to open that BASLUS-209464754413530303030.PSV file. Your save will be labeled with the slot number, mission name, and a .b extension. GTASnP can handle that format and should recognize it as a PS2 save - so it won't try to show the mission tree.


The problem is that a PS2 save on SnP isn't much use to anybody. If I know what version it's for I can repackage it for AR-Max and play it on my PS2, but not many PS2 players know how to do this. You could make it easier on them by pre-packaging it for AR-Max, Codebreaker, NTSC, PAL, etc., but even then not many people have the hardware and software to do this. That .psv file might be sharable directly with people with backwards compatible PS3s. That's the format Jack Reacher was using for his bcPS3 Starter Saves.


I'm interested in getting some of my custom CG style starter saves for PS2 working for PS3, but it doesn't seem like a likely process. The PSV files are encrypted so it's impossible to repackage a modified save, and I can't even extract a save from the newer formats. There is hope if those PSV files can be shared by people without the bcPS3s. Someone would need to get the saves on to a PS2 memory card using something like AR-Max and a PS2, then import the save to PS3 using the memory card adapter where it gets converted to the PSV format.

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Sounds like a bust. Thanks OrionSR for clearing that up. I am referring to the port version of the game. It does suck that the port runs off a separate save under "Save Data Utilities (PS2)" and not "Memory Card Utilities"


Damn, If someone figures this out, I hope they post it on this forum. OVER AND OUT.

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