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Sorry, I wanted to test this somewhere

With the code provided below, you can edit the color of the text that displays on the bottom of an edited post.
See example below

Between the tag marks [ & ] applies the code aka BBCode. for color values like Ferrari Red, just place the color value #F70D1A in the color tag between the [ ] at the end of the = like this COLOR=#FDD017 also note that color value transparent is valid. EXAMPLE >>> COLOR=TRANSPARENT <<<

This post has been edited by PSN-Blackhawk_1989 on Saturday, Jun 15 2013, 21:50

I like this site to obtain colors Computer Hope

[th] [/color]





Edited by PSN-Blackhawk_1989

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Sorry, I wanted to test this somewhere


[th] [/color]






the above code for the edit text was applied to this post.




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Yeah, that way you can change your "Edit by" line to any color you wish. Here's a little quote from the Newbie Guide - BBCode section (regarding this subject)



You wonder how people always customize they 'Edited on' line in their post.

I'm sure you've seen people having they're edited on line either in a color or hidden under a spoiler, or if you're using the basic skin of GTAForums (GTANET 2k4 / GTANET 2k4+), you can use the code below to make it invisible (as I said it works ONLY on the basic skins I posted above). Here's the code:



[color=182741] [table][/color][/table]



And you can see an example here. If you're using the basic skin, you won't see the Edited By line, but just a few more space between the text and the signature. Now, if you highlight the space under the text and above the signature by holding your left mouse button, you'll see it appearing.


Now, if you wish to use a spoiler over that line, you could use the following code.







And I got this.



Just copy-paste the code manually and put it after your whole post.

Remember: you but the code when you edit your post, not when you originally post.


You have seen more of the colored edited by lines, than the one hidden under a spoiler.

Want to know the secret?



[color=green][color=green] [table][/color][/table][/color]



Put this in the same place as the one above - after your edited post. Here's an example.


Here's another way to modify the edit by line. This way, you can strike it. Thanks to Kweckzliber for telling me about these. Okay, so you type this:



[color=red][s][color=white] [table][/s][/color][/table][/color]



...and you get this. You can try different colors then RED.


Make sure to check out the GTA Network - Newbie Guide of mine. It contains almost all possible information and tricks you'd need to know about this forum. Or check out this post to see all possible BBCodes on the forum, and also some tricks included. icon14.gif


As well, I wanted to tell you that there was no need to create a separate topic just to test out these "Edited by" line tricks. As you've seen in my examples posted above, all tests are done on regular posts. Just take a random post of yours that has no important purpose, and test away. I've found this post of yours that you could try tests on, since it's not a Chain Game turn, and it won't affect anything / anybody if you'd just use it for tests. Or, in the posting panel, next to the "Add Reply" button, you'll see a "Preview Post" button. Use that to preview your posts without actually posting them (I know this doesn't work for the "Edit by" line trick, but just in case you have any other BBCode things to test, just use this trick), since there's no need to create a separate topic for that. Oh, and if you have any questions about BBCodes, just ask away in the "Have A Question?" topic, or even in my guide. icon14.gif

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