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What's your favourite city?


What's your favourite city?  

283 members have voted

  1. 1. What's your favourite city?

    • Liberty City
    • Los Santos
    • Las Venturas
    • San Fierro
    • All of them
    • None

Recommended Posts

Which is your favourite city in SA(san fierro,las ventures or los santos)

And whats your favourite county in it(rodeo,richman,mulholland,downtown)


i m waitin' your answers rahkstar2.gif

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Chunky Lee Chong



My favorite city in the game was Los Santos, and in Los Santos my favorite districts were Idlewood, Ganton, Jefferson and Glen Park. The reasons I like this area is pretty obvious, and if it's not then that's too bad.


Basically, I'm attracted to the ghetto aspect of the city and the dispute between the two gangs that occupy the area.

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I like all of them when I get tired of one I go to another rah.gif

I would say that is my answer too. Except I start in San Fierro because there is the most jumps for driving there. Then I go to wherever i fell like going next.


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Ma fav city has got 2 be Los Santos because ganton is like compton and all the gangs r cool...i mean gang wars n da grove street families cauz u can recruit home boyz 2 roll wit u n heaps of other stuff like the main sckyscrapper cauz u can jump off n die suicidal.gif .....but my fav area has got 2 be ganton (GROVE STREET)



Edited by rollin_patriot
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Favourite City:San Fierro, as it is very much like San Fransisco.


Favourite Neighbourhood: Downtown San Fierro, Cuz its so fun to drive around!

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I love 2 city,San Fierro:Downtown and Los Santos:Rodeo


Anybody loves Las Venturas?

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Yeppers, I quite like Las Venturas. The Strip is like a fantasy world, with castles and pirate ships and pyramids. And I love the beautiful pink skies out in the desert.

I'm torn between which is my FAVOURITE city. I suppose it would be San Fierro, because it has those WICKED hills, but it's mainly because of those smashing creepy woods near Mt. Chiliad - and according to the map, this area is in the San Fierro sort of aura. Or something...

Anyway, so SF is my fave place, but only coz the its countryside.

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News announcement: you are not a gangster if you play GTA:SA. Stop writing/acting like one. That is all.

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  • 2 weeks later...

What is your favorite city, Los Santos, San Fierro, or Las Venturas and why?

Mine is San Fierro because it has the big city feel.


If this has already been done, I apologize.

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San Fierro. For the same reason as you. That is why I liked Liberty City so much.


I'm from Chicago. I like the big (sometimes dirty) city.

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King Kapone
No doubt about it - Las Venturas. I want to live in Las Vegas so naturally I like Venturas.


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I realized another reason earlier. The Chinatown area of San Fierro owns, especially using the Cyborg Ninja skin. It's especially fun acting like the gang peds are the enemies from MGS2 and decapitating them. rah.gif

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I prefer the desert and badlands. I like flying the Hydra around and jumping off MT. Chiliad with the mountain bike. But if i had to pick one...SF cause of the airport and the city feel and most of the things you can do in the city eg imports/exports.

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The rural towns are okay, but the big cities are much more interesting I think.

Also, the valet service is another thing I like about San Fierro. It's cool because it actually works, and is fun do use. I think so anyway.


Question, which city has the most nooks and crannies, like back streets and alleys and things of that nature?

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Martini Racing
It's not that I think rural towns are more interesting, it's just kind of cool to drive through the forest and come upon a small, hidden town.(I play w/o hud and map)
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los santos, reason, seems to have more action there and nice areas from riding
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I like San Fierro because of the steep roads and such. Its so much fun to go speeding up the hill in an infernus and launch over all the traffic

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San fierro is wiered. I dont like it cause the sky is always foggy blue and when its night time its darker that black (thats not a racest comment im black). And well it just seems boring. Im LS LV its mainly always sunny and bright. Like a beach sun. Makes a good felling. More lights when its dark in LV. Its just a better, more down to earth felling.

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Martini Racing
San Feirro is foggy and gray because San Francisco is foggy and gray.
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I dislike most all of Los Santos, except for the western side. The eastern side reminds me of Vice City, so does most of Las Venturas. I never liked Vice City. San Fierro is the most similar to Liberty City, that's why I like it so much.

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I like San Fierro best. It has that special feel but still Liberty is my favourite but this was about SA so San Fierro.
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Las Venturas. Don't ask me why i just like it.

user posted image
user posted image
R.I.P. Chi Shingi Meiyo


21/09/2005 - 07/03/2007

Andolini Mafia Family


16/08/2008 - Current

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