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Multiplayer in TBoGT

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So I just got Episodes from Liberty City (well I finished the single player game) and I read somewhere that you can do 3 exclusive missions for TBoGT in Co-op..


When I search for how to reach this co-op mode, I can't find it.


It's supposed to show up at multiplayer, but all I can choose is Ranked, Player match and Free Mode (which is annoying because all people do is kill each other before I can get a to any part of the town where you can basejump.



Have they freakin' removed this from the 360 version or what the hell is the reason why I can't find it?

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Any co-op missions that there are would be found under Ranked and Player Match. Even the GTA4 co-ops were under those headings, though I don't recall any special TBoGT only co-op modes.

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This is what I found online...



How to Co-op on "GTA IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony"

By Evan Fulford, eHow Contributor

In "Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony," you and a friend can cooperatively play together in the game's Co-op Missions mode. To do this, both players must have their own copy of the game and Xbox 360 console with active Internet connection. The three missions that can be played cooperatively are Deal Breaker, Hangman's Noose and Bomb da Base II, all of which follow Gay Tony throughout his exploits in Liberty City.



Read more: How to Co-op on "GTA IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony" | eHow http://www.ehow.com/how_8644256_coop-iv-ba...l#ixzz2W2l4HLVg


They see going multiplayer as a party as co op then? Hmm dissapointent.

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Those co-op modes were in GTA4 itself, not in TBoGT. They aren't even accessible via TLAD or TBoGT's multiplayer menus. If you don't have the main game's disc (either a copy of the original GTA4, or the main disc in the Complete edition) you can't access those co-op modes.


Whoever wrote that post is wrong, plain and simple.

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Thanks for clarifying..


Problem is, I have the original GTA 4, but my friend doesn't.. We just both have Episodes from Liberty City and it reads on the back Co op 2-8 players.. Guess it's tom foolery.

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