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How To Skip Missions!

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Sorry i'am bad in english

if you can't access mission with any problem(crash,error) and you can't fix for pass mission. Test This

use this mod "all mission access" for access all mission in games!!

how to pass mission??

here. first you need to backup all cleo mod in your game(move to desktop or backup). install "all access mission mod" and start game!!

remember your name mission you can't pass(sample Ryder - End of the line) press ctrl + m active access mission menu

find your mission you can't pass and select next mission. if mission start you do it to the end. and go to save(select new slot for sure!!)

ืnow new mission already on your map but you can't get in mission. you need to get back to do mission your select on mission access


(sample - you can't pass mission "Cleaning the Hood" you need to do next mission is "Drive thru" when it finished. new mission locations is on the map,but you can't get in mission right now, you need to go to "Drive thru" mission location on front of sweet house,it not on your map and no red ring. but you can get in mission and do it until finished, now you have already do same mission in 2 time. new mission can get in now)


Sorry am so stupid in english. hahaha

if you don't understand then try this

1. remove all cleo in your game or backup

2. install all mission access

3. remember your mission name you can't pass

4. find next mission name (sample - Cleaning the hood=next mission is=Drive thru)

5. Ctrl + m in game for open mission menu

6. select your next mission

7. do it until it end

8. you can't get in new mission right now

9. you need go to mission location you choose before and do it again

10. now you already do same mission in 2 time

11. new mission can get in right now smile.gif


This is my first topic

hope it work



Link for "all mission access"

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this isn't allowed this is not your own mod if you want to talk about your opinion talk in other section. this is only for showing your own mod

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