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Need BEST GTA 2 Mods

Recommended Posts


Can the suggestions be made for mods available for GTA 2?


I want to play the classic but with the following changes to the original, namely


1. Good texture mods offering high resolution or complete conversion to the present game textures

2. Widescreen mod to play GTA 2 over 1368*768 desktop

3. Mods that offer difficulty or some nice variety to the game world, better AI, etc (not talking about replacing cars type mods)

4. Any other good stuff you can name it.


I have checked a variety of sites (including gtagarage) but no mods found matching the above dontgetit.gif





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Moved to I/II Era Modding.

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The engine doesn't support higher resolution textures and no one has added that ability.

GTA2 was designed for 4:3 640x480. You can stretch it to fill the screen but if you want the correct aspect ratio, you'll need borders on the sides. The widescreen hacks cut off important parts of the screen, so I don't recommend using them.


No one has made the AI smarter but you can increase the amount of them, add bots that attack the player and have army always enabled. Best opponents are human opponents.


There are many multiplayer maps, some of them you can play against bots or just vs cops.


I made a script that modifies the weapons so they kill every ped on screen:


I made a script that lets you control the train.


The GTA1 cities have been converted to GTA2 but the missions weren't converted. http://projectcerbera.com/gta/2/converted/


Snowball City 2 is the largest conversion that has missions: http://gtamp.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=329


Block Fort Frag Meme is one of the craziest mods with rainbow explosions and many weird things: http://gta2dare.omnitude.net/maplist/list....map=bff-meme.7z


Ben Millard's maps are definitely worth a look: http://projectcerbera.com/gta/2/


PacMani removed the reload delay from weapons but that hack hasn't been released yet since he used cheat engine and it hasn't been converted to a trainer/patch form. Definitely watch the video.


Lists of maps: http://gtamp.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=5 http://gtamp.com/maps - http://projectcerbera.com/gta/2/ - http://gta2dare.omnitude.net/maplist/list.php

Edited by Sektor

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