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Photoshop CS6 Color Problem

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Hola cómo estás?


So I am having a slight problem with photoshop and in need of some help. Out of no where I am getting this error saying "Warning: out of gamut for printing". When I attempt to select a color, it just keeps

going to different tones of grey. I know it's probably a small problem, but I am panicking right now and running around my room like a chicken with it's head cut off.


Does anyone know how to resolve my problem, it's greatly appreciated.


user posted image

(Note the little warning symbol under color)

Edited by Limitless

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I'm on my sh*tty phone so I can't see the image too well, and I don't have CS6. But check your mode is on RGB not grayscale.


It's to my understanding that the out of gamut error is bullsh*t and appears for a lot of problems.

Edited by Harley

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Out of Gamut just refers to colors that don't correspond to the ink in your printer for printing. Try seeing if your image is sRGB, if not, you need to convert it to so.. not sure why it's kicking you to gray tones but try Harley's advice, make sure you're PS is set for RGB, can do this by going to Edit > Color Settings, well in CS5 you can, but I'm sure it's the same in CS6.

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Thank you, gentlemen.


It was set to grey scale after all. I ended up looking threw everything single setting in Photoshop, but was worried if I started pushing buttons I would of f*cked sh*t up beyond repair.

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