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Vice city video

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Rockstar will you please, please, please release another trailer on your web site !!!

There is just over a month to go before the game goes on sale in the UK and I'm dying to see some more of Vice City.  You are really making it hard to wait for this game !


If anyone else agrees with me post a reply on this page and I'm sure someone from Rockstar will visit this page or find out about it some how and will hopefully make it come true by putting another trailer up .....

The more replies the better chance we all have of seeing one so fire ahead with those replies ...




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Even if you leave a short note cos I know I wanna see more trailers ... do you not ?

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Yes but in a way it is bad I am doin a good job waitin...lol...but soon i am goin to crack and some 1 will have to take me to a mental house I think it is better if they do wait and give us nothin cuz then when we get it we can sh*t our pants cuz it is sooooooo awesome jus wait I am we all r and if u almost go crazy jus pick up one of ur mags and read up on gta vc cuz that is wut i do i look at the pics but i also examine the backgrounds of the pics and see wut is there and imagine all of the possibilities we have when it does come out...i have been playin gta 3 like crazy cuz i am goin nuts waitin for vice but not even a month left hold in there buddy...me sorry to say but i am takin a vacation and personally buyin gta vc the day it comes out i am dedecated to R* and will do anyhin for them i love them and i appreciate them for makin such a good games for us all...thank u R*   :D   :)   :turn:

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Trailers aren't so cool,sure I watched them over and over with you guys...but then it takes the element of surprise away from the game. "Oh,seen that in trailer #67".



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#67? They release one trailer a month, and they've only released two. I think we'll get an October trailer aswell. Hopefully.

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