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Craziest thing that ever happened to you?

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Literally like the week I got the game I remember jumping off the Rotterdam tower and landing on a fat guy on a bench, it's a story I still tell today (if everyone I know hasnt heard it already) and I consider it the best moment in gaming for me ever.


Another great and memorable one is discovering how to wall drive, basically you get a comet in the subway and drive into the wall and when you get to a curve wall you actually drive onto the wall and go forwards for a bit before falling down, the best I ever did was at a part of the track where it split into two, so I'm walldriving and my car drives off the end of the wall (where it splits into 2) then lands on the wall on the next bit of the underground, it was so crazy and illogical to me maybe it was a physics glitch but it was so damn great, give it a try guys. To get an idea of what I mean watch

video, the guy fails at it but it should give you an idea.


So post the craziest thing that happened to you/you discovered in IV

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I think you should post it in WTF Moments!? topic.


From what I remember, I survived a Sticky Bomb explosion right in front of me. I was left with tiny health. I still died because Taxi Driver ran me over suicidal.gif

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The funniest thing that EVER happened to me in IV would have to be when I was on top of that crane in the construction site in Algonquin. I had about 4 or 5 stars I recall and shot down A chopper and it proceeded to crash on a roof nearby were I had the perfect view of it. Thinking nothing of it, I continued my rampage. Then, maybe 2 or 3 minutes later I saw a near dead chopper pilot climb out from behind the wreckage on fire, it was the most gut-busting thing I have ever seen in a video game. After that, I was still in my fit of laughter and the chopper pilot then fell off of the 30+ story building, I would pay good money to relive that and capture it on film.

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Best one for me was when I was just cruising around Dukes and two hobos were crossing the road, one going to the left, one to the right. My timing of impact was perfect, I hit both of them sending them flying smashing into the buildings either side of me.

Best mission moment was during the funeral one. I got out my rpg and took out the 1st vehicle, nailed the second vehicle then quickly changed to grenades and destroyed the goons coming down the alleyway, then back to rpg and timed it perfectly, destroying the last vehicle as it came around the bend. I wish I recorded it cause it was perfection.

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Gnocchi Flip Flops

Today I got sprayed and killed by Russian mobsters after my stupid cab driver hit a Russian car. Right after a short stab/shootout a Russian pulled me out of the rear cabin and shot me up with a shotgun. suicidal.gif

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