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cant import anything please help!

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no matter what i do to import things they still wont play in game


take for instant british police mod i used spark iv to edit and import the correct files.. rebuilt and saved


i start the game and all the cops/ cop cars are STILL american!


i use a character import for michael jackson face i imported it and the instructions said `you will be able to use it from the ingame menu` tthere is NO option at all on an ingame menu to change character face.


i have also done the same for uniforms and cant find them anywhere in game


just so you know i have the up to date versions of gta and up to date versions of the patchs etc, so those arent the problem


please help me

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Have you just tried editing each component e.g. car, player model, npc model individually instead of en masse?


Try just replacing one of the police cars using Spark IV and see if that works, it sounds like whatever method you are using to replace them all at once clearly isn't working.


Also are you using a trainer to spawn the cars / change your player model in game? Did you replace files in playerped.rpf correctly?


Most importantly do you have an ASI loader and Scripthook so mods will actually work in your game?


As a test

1. Use SparkIV to replace 1 police car model, police1 or police2 (not both)

2. Rebuild and Save then load the game

3. Use your Trainer once actually in the game (not at the menu) to spawn Police Cruiser or Police Patrol


If that doesn't work then it's probably because the ASI loader and Scripthook (if you definitely have them) aren't working.

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tried all that


the only things i can seem to do is


i downloaded a `stripper pack` (dont laugh), and i can select strippers now via the in game menue trainer


oh and the simply trainer pack works too


everything else doesnt seem to work


i downloaded the livex thing and it actually stopped my character from moving in game he would be stuck and no buttons working.


i deleted it,...


im having a lot of fun with the in game trainer,... spawning randoms and doing what i want but i would love a conversion mod where you install a .exe file and it does all the work for you, and you dont need to edit scripts etc yourself


do you know of any thanks

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I'm sure there are probably automated installers that you can use, but to be honest unless something is so complicated that you can't wrap your head round it you should always give script editing a go. Not only will you learn via repetition, it will also help you to understand other aspects and possibly understand why other things don't work.


In regards to being able to use the trainer and spawn NPC's, maybe the vehicle files you are trying to edit are read only and so none of your changes are being saved.


Open SparkIV and replace a cop car, rebuild then save and close SparkIV. Then open SparkIV again and double click on the .wft file you replaced, depending on the model if it did successfully replace it then you will either not see anything (not quite sure why) or you will see a low poly model of the new car.


If you see a low poly model of the original car then you know that your changes aren't being saved.

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