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Gaming mice advice

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Hello guys. I currently have a SteelSeries Kinzu v2 Pro but it's failing as the other 2 kinzu's I had. I made a promise myself not to buy Steelseries anymore, they products break 4 f*cking months after buying them. (No, I do not have warranty).


The shape of the Kinzu is perfect for me, I probably think that as it's the only mouse I've ever used (Had 3 of them). But now I'm looking for another one to buy.


I have this two choices and I don't know what to choose.


Razer DeathAdder 2013

Roccat Kova[+]


The DeathAdder seems to be technically better than the Kova+ but the shape and size of the mouse is what scares me. I'm used to the Kinzu which is small and ambidiextrous (I use Claw Grip) and I think the DeathAdder will be too unconfortable for me. Also, the Higher IPS seems to be better for me as I'm usually doing quick swipes in the mousepad.


The shape of the Kova+ seems to be quite similar to the Kinzu, so is the size. That would be good. But it seems it's worse than the DA. It has a lower IPS and Acceleration.


Kova+: 130IPS / 30G Acceleration / 3200dpi

DA: 200IPS /50G Acceleration / 6400dpi


I get both at the same price.


I don't really care about the DPI's as I will mostly use the mouse with 400 or 800 dpi (I play Counter-Strike with low sensitivity).

Oh by the way, I'm using a SteelSeries QCK+ LE SK-Gaming Edition.


What mouse should I choose? notify.gifnotify.gif

Edited by tomi19

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As you indicated, you're worried about the shape of the mice. Yeah, some people here might have those mice, but it's going to be pretty hard for any of us to tell you which one you will like better.

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The Deathadder is definitely a "palm grip" mouse since it's fairly large. I don't have the 2013 model but I do have one, got it cheap off eBay about last year from Feburary and so far it's still functional and works well. Small nitpicks would be the glossy plastic sides with buttons 4 and 5 are can be an issue if your fingers get sweaty or even not - eventually some residue will build up and you'll have to clean it if you don't like the feeling. Also with their program the Razer Synapse, the program has to open up automatically each time your computer boots up to load your custom mouse settings. Not fully sure if this is resolved with a "Open on computer login" option but it's easy to close the program down but that's what I have to deal with each time I boot up my computer. Those profiles are useful but I think Roccat's has its own software to do the same so even footing there.


You can also look at the Razer Orochi which is Razer's smallest mouse and a claw gripper.


Not sure about Roccat's products, I was looking at the Kova too when I was searching for mice last year, looks cool but can't offer and comparison. That's was my two cents on the Deathadder.

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If you're a claw gripper I would recommend the Cooler Master CM Storm Spawn, it's very commonly regarded as one of if not the best claw grip mice on the market and it features the same optical sensor that the G400 and older versions of the Deathadder use, which is virtually flawless. I have heard issues about high CPU usage being a problem early on in the Storm Spawn's life but apparently these have been fixed by firmware updates since then (I also don't see it as a very big issue, to be honest, unlike the inherent acceleration or angle snapping found in laser sensors which are very big issues). The Deathadder 2013 technically has the best sensor currently on the market, but the differences between it and the Storm Spawn/G400/etc's sensor are negligible at best and even at 400DPI I very sincerely doubt you will notice them.


Edit: Actually, I think the only difference between the sensor on the Deathadder 2013 and the G400/CM Storm Spawn is that the Deathadder 2013's is capable of higher DPI, which is obviously not a relevant factor for you.

Edited by Pat

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I looked into the CM Storm Spawn too, but it only has 800, 1800 and 3500 dpi steps and I mostly use 400 and the lowest sensitivity so that's kinda fail for me.

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Alright, hopefully this is going to be the last time I have to edit this post. I recommend the Zowie AM. The shape and size are as close to the Kinzu as you're going to get, the sensor is flawless, and it's capable of 450 DPI (I hope a difference of 50 isn't a dealbreaker for you). I have not found anything else even half as close to matching your criteria as this mouse.

Edited by Pat

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